Welcome to The Public Cause, a blog that will present social-political issues and common sense solutions to the problems we face as a nation, and a planet. You can expect wide variety of topics that will be covered here. You will see posts about politics, economics, sociology, psychology, theology, music, sports, and anything else I deem relevant in the public arena.

Many of you will know me as LA Sunset from Political Yen/Yang, my former digs. To you who followed me here, I say thank you and welcome to my new blog home.

Maybe, you are wondering why I left Blogger. To answer that I must say, it involves more than one reason.

Overall, Blogger has been a good experience during my time there. For the money, it couldn’t be beat and outages were minimal. This last episode played a significant part in exacerbating my desire to change, but it was not the sole reason and I did not make the choice to leave until after I had taken some time to process the pros and cons.

Before the recent crash I had noticed (on my Sitemeter) many hits from Google. Some days there were a great many. There were no comments from any of them, just hits… and hits on pages from the entire six years I have blogged there. Now…I am not one to be overly paranoid but in my monitoring of this activity, I gave some serious thought about the possible reasons PYY was coming under such close watchfulness.

In my pondering, I was able to come to a couple  of  possible conclusions:

1) Some people who read the blog and disagreed with the content were reporting it as offensive and they were required to check on it.

2) Google was doing it on its own accord.

It was their site, they had the right. But with the direction Google has taken in the political realm and the leftist agenda their top leadership has adopted, I was concerned that they could someday pull the plug on material they were not in agreement with. They have acquired a large mass of power in the information world, in a short amount of time. And put that with its controversial privacy policies, I found it to be even more intimidating than when AOL and Time Warner merged.

But more than anything else, I think it was time for a change. Not only did I decide to change venues and work from another forum, I decided the name should be changed as well.

So…why did I pick The Public Cause as a name? That will be the subject of many posts to come. But suffice it to say, the cause of the people is great and there are many components to it. It is my sincere hope that I can make a contribution to the blogosphere by presenting some important issues in the world and advancing some thoughts on some solutions.

So to those who are new here and those who have stumbled onto this site by either happenstance or recommendation, I say, feel free to join in on the discussion at any time. You are free to agree or disagree with anything stated, but all we ask is that standards of civil conduct are followed.

Also, I ask to please note the comment policy on the sidebar, and remember that this material is copyrighted. I don’t mind anyone using this material to make an argument for or against, but I do ask that if you use the material elsewhere that you credit this site for it.

Once again, welcome to The Public Cause and be sure to tell all your friends you heard about us, on Roller Derby.



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9 responses to “Welcome

  1. Nunly

    I love it!!! Great job.

    Now, I assume since this is a grand opening there will be cake, right? 😉

    • Thanks Nunly, and thanks for the help you gave me.

      As for the cake, I forgot to ask Mrs. Sunset to bake it. May have to hit the bakery at Krogers. 😉

  2. Nunly

    Your new blog is officially on my blog roll and I’ll be back for regular visits.

    I like the template that you chose, it’s nice to have two sidebars. And you’re already one step ahead of me, I never bothered to do an “about” page. I keep saying to myself that I’ll get to it and then I forget. Old age. 🙂 Maybe I should do that before I forget what I’m about!

  3. Looks great LA.

    As a noted philanderer and father of many housekeeping children once said “I’ll be baack”

    • Thank you sir….and tell everyone else you know we are here. We are not on the search engines yet, so you all are the only source of traffic I have right now,

  4. Nice look here at your new location, LA.

  5. McCloud

    Take THAT, Blogger! Very nice. Will add to blogroll today.

  6. Thanks AOW and AC.

    As you may have noticed, i had to approve you before your comments could be seen. But now that I have, you are set to comment anytime.

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