Report: Putin Wants Presidency Back

This is being reported by the Australian.

RUSSIAN Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has decided to run for the presidency next year, raising the possibility of a power struggle with his protege Dmitry Medvedev, the incumbent Kremlin leader, say highly placed sources.

When did Putin ever stop being President?

Sure, he was bound by term limits, or so we thought. Sure, he took a position as the Russian Prime Minister. But don’t kid yourself, he never really gave up power.

There are kings and there are king makers. King makers are the ones who wield the most power, because they set things in the order that pleases them. Putin made Medvedev president.

In medieval Europe, the Pope of Rome was the big king maker over several centuries. All it took was for a monarch to cross the pontiff the wrong way, and it was only a matter of time before the king would be rendered ineffective. In many instances, the parish priests had more influence with the people than any monarch or nobleman could hope for. Eternal salvation played a much larger role in the peasantry and serfdom, far greater than anything some old crusty king could. You know the old adage from the Bible says, fear not the one who can kill the body but not the soul.

In the case of Putin and Medvedev, I think there are bound to be some hidden struggles going on behind the scenes that are not being reported….and Putin is not happy with it at all. What these exact issues are, may or may not be known for some time (if at all).

The Russians are used to secrecy, as the USSR was one of the best secret keepers in history. Remember when Soviet leaders would not be seen for awhile? Once the international media would notice the absence, TASS would issue a statement that the missing leader would merely have a cold. Sometime shortly thereafter, he would die and the power struggle would begin to show more openly, while it had been going on behind the scenes covertly.

So, it’s anyone’s guess what this specifically may be about. The article is based purely on speculation, but is not something that can be discounted. Still we must ask, if Putin is the king maker wielding the power, why would he suddenly want to roust Medvedev? With Putin being a KGB man, there is probably a certain amount of mistrust engrained into his personality. Like any spy organization, it’s part of the culture.

There is always a possibility that Medvedev is becoming more popular, or has been found to have kept “certain” things from Putin. Whatever the cause of this rift, it will be interesting to see how this plays out now that Russia is supposed to be a democratic state.

Will Putin run against his protege? If he loses to him, will he go quietly into retirement like Gorbachev did? If Putin wins, will Medvedev disappear, only to be found later residing in Siberia?

We will see, soon enough.

After some careful thought, maybe this video was what clinched it:

Either Putin is jealous of his moves or he thinks Medvedev is a poor excuse for a dancer.



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4 responses to “Report: Putin Wants Presidency Back

  1. My impression has been that Medeved was supposed to be a puppet but got in for a couple of years, decided he liked power, and decided he didn’t want to follow the script anymore.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  2. Nunly

    I never could see Putin giving up any of his power, like Obama, he’s too much of a narcissist to walk away. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if after a “congenial” meeting with Putin, Medeved will suddenly decide he doesn’t want to run again.

  3. //I wouldn’t be surprised if after a “congenial” meeting with Putin, Medeved will suddenly decide he doesn’t want to run again.//

    Strongest mob wins.

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