Ed Schultz Suspended, Admits A Pattern Of Low Behavior

When a person allows themselves to be so overcome with anger, they often say and do things that they will often end up regretting. Recently this happened to Ed Schultz, on his radio show:

And now, he is being forced to retract and apologize in humility:

Let’s give him an ounce of credit for doing this, but let’s examine this situation and the apology a little closer.

We have heard nothing but hypocrisy from the Left on the subject of talk radio over the course of the time this medium has been successful. For years now, we have heard the Soros-funded Media Matters organization level charge after charge against right wing radio shows, saying they are mean, nasty, hateful, toxic to a free society, and divisive. We have even heard them make the weakest claim ever, when they attempted to tie Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ assailant to the industry and its influence. Any intelligent human being has since been able to surmise that this is not the least bit accurate, once they learned the facts of this case. But still, they jumped right on it with no evidence to support their faulty claims and in comments so mean and distasteful, the condemned Rush, Hannity, and Beck with relentless persistence.

The Progressives tried their own experiment, called Air America. It failed miserably. Toward the end, they could not get stations to carry the programming, so instead of stations paying them (like the business is supposed to work), it had to pay stations to carry the shows because the ratings were in the tank. Even in large cities where there is a higher concentration of Progressives, the performance was woeful and stations could not sell ads at a price high enough to pay their bills.

The reason for their failure was not any one thing. The message was wrong, we know that. But add to this factor, the demographics of the target audience was severely miscalculated and many of the hosts were so vile and ugly that no one wanted to listen to them. Even the educated elitists couldn’t bring themselves to listen and they sing the ideological praises of their arguments in their college classrooms all over America, daily.

While I do not agree with everything the right wing talkers say, it’s important to note that this is a market driven industry. It’s also worth noting that under the right to free speech, views and opinions can and should be expressed without fear and reservation. But calling a woman with whom you disagree with a slut is not acceptable, in any form or fashion…at any time. Had this been any right wing host, I would make the same argument.

That said, let’s look at some of  the content (and other nuances) of this apology, a little closer.

Ed said he voluntarily offered to MSNBC to take himself off of the air. It’s hard to know what to believe because we know that both the Women’s Media Center and Change.Org (two liberal organizations) called for the suspension. I think that once Ed was called into the office, he knew he was in trouble. I say this because when you watch the apology, he gets a little choked up when he mentions his wife and family. I think Mrs. Schultz and the rest got to him before MSNBC did. By the time he was in on the carpet, he knew his ass was grass.

During the soul-baring moment we watched from Eddie, part of his statement is the most telling of them all: “I have embarrassed my family. I have embarrassed this company. And I have been in this business since 1978, and I have made a lot of mistakes. This is the lowest of low for me.

“The lowest of low for me” is an admission that he has established a pattern of this kind of low-life commentary and behavior. We know what he has said on the air many times, but we don;t always know what he says and does behind the scenes.

We know that he has been at odds with management at MSNBC before.

The questions we should be asking right now are clear. How much more will they tolerate from this out of control raging maniac, who not only condemns hateful rhetoric but actively engages in it on a daily basis? Isn’t time for MSNBC to cut its losses and find another mouth foamer to replace him?



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5 responses to “Ed Schultz Suspended, Admits A Pattern Of Low Behavior

  1. Nunly

    Let’s give him an ounce of credit for doing this,

    He made that apology for one reason only, he was forced to do so or lose his job. I don’t believe he is sorry for what he said, but more likely he’s sorry for getting called on the carpet. This has been a pattern of behavior for him for as long as I can remember. Even back in the days when I was still a Democrat, I couldn’t stand this guy.

    I don’t think I can ever remember seeing or hearing such hatred as that which comes from the “progressive” wing of the Democratic party. You only have to read through the comments at places like Huffington Post to see the dripping hatred that comes from them. Not only hatred for Republicans or Republican politicians, but for Christians…especially Catholics. They’re a sick bunch and they are fueled by the hatred from guys like Ed Schultz. The man should have been fired on the spot and not given a “leave without pay.” He’s got plenty of money and will just enjoy a vacation with his time. This is not a punishment, it’s a “time out”….and “time out’s” are for toddlers, not adults.

  2. Nunly

    I just saw what Laura said about the insult. She said she accepts his apology and could care less what he said. I appreciate that she is taking the high road here,but I also think that “apology accepted” in this situation is not the right thing to do. I’m so sick of women (especially women who hold positions in politics, journalists, etc.) being slandered with such language. I see this all the time…we see the slurs that are hurled at Sarah Palin and even her daughters.

    I also see it all the time on the Internet in the comment sections. Laura should be standing up for all women…no woman should ever “accept” this type of behavior EVER! She should have made it clear to Ed that any time a man calls a woman such a thing, he is insulting every woman in the world. I hope this is what his wife told him, but I have my doubts that Ed will watch his step as time goes on. He used this same kind of language describing Hillary Clinton and I also saw similar language used toward Hillary while she was running for President…I saw it on the blogs, MSNBC, and CNN.

    It’s time to put a stop to this and women have to quit accepting the backhanded apologies that are given when these misogynists get caught and are in danger of losing their jobs.

  3. Laura said on Billy O this evening, she doesn’t play the victim well. Basically, she blew him off and didn;t give the issue much attention. Or in other words, no one cares what the asshole has to say about anything.

    I agree, I think he should be canned now. But just be patient he’ll screw up it again.

  4. Imus makes a racial slur and is fired, Schultz attacks a conservative and is suspended for 1 week.

    Wake me when something interesting happens.

  5. Chuck, if GE hadn’t sold MSNBC to Comcast, he wouldn’t have even been suspended.

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