DC Liberals Willing To Sign Petition For Government Censorship By Shutting Down Conservative Web Sites

How is the Left supporting rights to free speech? Take a look at how many people are willing to sign a petition to shut down conservative web sites.

It’s amazing what champions of free speech the Left can be when they are not in power. But the moment they are in power, they see dissenting opinions against their views published on internet sites and forums, and they seek to impose the strictest of form of censorship available. They do not even attempt present cogent arguments to advance their cause, they just seek to silence those who disagree with them.

Mussolini did it, Hitler did it, as well as Stalin. Fascism and Communism are two similar political ideologies that have used this method to oppress citizens and impose tyrannical reigns, in the past. And it appears they are not done trying. Once a pillar of free speech and thought, this abhorrent philosophy is currently being taught in the nation’s universities. And it is being fueled and enabled by George Soros funded organizations like Media Matters, the group that is completely obsessed with Fox News. They ruminate and they stew, but they cannot compete so they must use whatever strong-armed leverage they can, even if it means using Nazi tactics to do it.

If they had their way, the Obama government would find some vague and murky language in something somewhere so they could call it a loophole to shut Fox and other conservative sites down completely. Believe me. no one in that political clique would care.

If this concerns or worries you in the least, think about how this would likely become a reality if the Progressives ever control Congress and the White House again. If you don’t want to see this happen, I suggest that conservatives from all walks unite after the debate for the nomination is over. Bloody the GOP nominee before the Dems get their shot and you will be handing Obama the needed time he will require, to install his vision of what a U.S. dictatorship should be. Through his unconstitutional czar system of administration, he will use executive order to implement this kind of thing and dare Congress and the courts to do anything about it. He won’t do it all at once, but an increment here and an increment there and before we know, we’ll be there wondering what the hell happened.

Once this is complete, we will find that we have lost more liberty than in any other eight year period, in history.



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8 responses to “DC Liberals Willing To Sign Petition For Government Censorship By Shutting Down Conservative Web Sites

  1. Mary Ellen (Nunly)

    Nothing that the left does surprises me anymore. This is just a small sample of their Nazi tactics. I just read recently about a political cartoonist who has been black-balled from all the newspapers and magazines who used to love his cartoons about Bush…but now they object to his cartoons about Obama.

    Oh…and Ezra Klein wrote a column about how senior citizen’s votes should count less than the votes of a younger person (in other words, they are more likely to vote Republican). They make commercials about Republican’s throwing grandma off a cliff…and in the same breath say that grandma’s vote can only count for half or less than votes of the likes of Ezra Klein. Those seniors he’s so quick to dismiss as “not useful to society” are the same ones who fought in WWII or they had loved ones or children who died in those wars, to protect our freedom of speech and the freedom to vote.

    It’s their abject disrespect for all seniors, which is prevalent in the Obama White House. Honestly, LA, I feel as if I’m living in some sort of nightmare. I have never in all the years I’ve lived seen such blatant hatred as I’ve seen from the “progressive” left. It’s scary.

    • This is not your Daddy’s Democratic Party.

      Despite the differences in domestic policies between the Dems and the GOP, the mainstream Dem Party we once knew when we were young is now gone. Once upon a time, both parties loved their country just as much as the other….they just disagreed on how to lead it.

  2. In the fine tradition of Mao, Chavez, Castro, all heroes of Hussein Obama.

    As to the GOP nominee, we may need to make a decision this next year. We may not get to have the nominee we want but the question will not be, should we support them if they are not conservative enough, but how can we not support them? It may be a sick choice but the alternative is destructive. We may need to hold our nose and vote so that we can live to fight another day.

  3. If those opposing Obama and his regime do not unite on November 2, 2012, our country will no longer be a free nation in the tradition of our Founders.

    I tell you that I grow more despaired every day! Conservatives are so fractured now that I have a difficult time believing that unity is possible. 😦

    • //If those opposing Obama and his regime do not unite on November 2, 2012, our country will no longer be a free nation in the tradition of our Founders.//

      I have to wonder if they realize what is at stake here. Or are they just power hungry like the Dems?

  4. //It seems to me as if the agendas are multiple.//

    No one is going to get everything they want. Everyone involved in this process needs to realize this. I am not excited about any of the ones who are running or might run. But I will not throw my vote away because I can’t get my first choice.

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