Another Blast From The Past

It race weekend in Indy. In this year’s installment of “The Greatest Spectacle In Racing”, they are celebrating 100 years.

The sounds of engines revving will also be heard in Monaco with the annual F-1 Grand Prix, and in Charlotte where NASCAR holds the Coca-Cola 600. Both organizations are catching some drafts from the Indy race, which has been around much longer and draws far more fans than either of the two. NASCAR is the more popular series by a mile, but the Indy race is still the granddaddy of them all.

NASCAR has done it for years with their 600, showing their race the evening after Indy’s.  But it hasn’t been all that long for F-1. They are now showing the GP Monaco in the morning before the 500, so as to attract TV viewers waiting for the main event. I would be interested to know just how many Americans still give a damn about a government subsidized race that attracts some of the richest snobs in Europe.

F-1  had a great opportunity to get a fan base established in the U.S., one that would have been second to none anywhere else in the world. But like the rest of Europe has often been wont to do with their enterprises over the years, they screwed it up…. because they are led by a bunch of assholes who thought they were way above the American market. In their brief experiment running the U.S. Grand Prix in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the first year had more fans attend that race than in any other F-1 race in history, and it still wasn’t good enough for Ecclestone and his cadre of pricks.

So they left. Which was fine by most people who live here in the area.

So in honor of this racing bonanza,  we feature a racing song about Jackie Stewart who was once an F-1 driver and a familiar voice on the Indy 500 telecast for years:




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2 responses to “Another Blast From The Past

  1. I remember living in Indianapolis on 56th Street, and listening to Paul Page on the radio as I was cooking out on the patio. The green flag would drop, and then about a second and a half later hear the roar of the engines.

    Those were the days…

    • Nowadays, it’s the same thing here. The only difference?

      After the initial roar of the engines, we hear Mike King tell us about the wreck between Turns 1 and 2.

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