Holiday Fun

I didn’t do much this past long weekend. Memorial Day weekend gets crowded most places on race weekend in Indy, so I just played it cool and did some odds and ends, here and there.

I didn’t get a lot of inspiration to write much of a post for today. But I did have some fun with someone calling herself Olivia, who more than likely is a former American-bashing leftist who used to hang out at Super Frenchie back when it was a magnet for anti-Americanism….with daily insulting commentary based on envy and jealousy.

This all took place at one of the better blogs on the web today, IHTM, and there were two threads of note.

One dealt with Lech Walesa shunning Obama’s desire to have a photo op with him. And the other dealt with Obama’s blatant pretentious desire to look Irish in his recent trip to the Emerald Isle.

In both instances, debating with this person was a bit like the old days when some of the bravest of those people used to have the guts to try their hands at intelligent debate back at PYY. Many of them stopped coming because they were not able to contend with the arguments we made. They did just what Olivia tried to do in both of these threads, change the subject so as to avoid the real point of the post.In each case over the weekend, it was like shooting fish in a barrel and made me feel just a tad bit nostalgic. But not too much.

Anyway, want a good laugh? Check them out when you get time.

Hopefully there will be some inspiration on the way for a new post with more meaning than a French liberal shooting herself in the foot, every time she attempted to type out a weak claim.



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10 responses to “Holiday Fun

  1. She is using the Ducky doctrine

    -talk about something completely irrelevant to the post at hand

    -throw in some clever (he thinks) nicknames for Palin, etc

    -leave after getting his butt handed to him, convinced he showed all of us idiots

    On a side note, when did it become so popular to show our President drinking alcohol? Do you remember another President doing this?

  2. Greg

    How did you know it was a former SF blogger? Hilarious if they are following you around. I know SF himself was still bitching about me over a year after I stopped commenting on his blog. Weirdo.

    Anyway, on Obama’s beer, I had no problem with it. I would have done it. I think the Irish people appreciated it. Not sure why it’s a issue.

    • On the drinking beer with his pinky raised thread, she started talking about how improper it was to drink hard liquor with a meal. Said it was because the liquor dulls the taste buds and we were all idiots for thinking it was proper.

      Dead giveaway.

      • Greg

        LOL, LAS… I agree – dead giveaway. BTW, I think I drink with my pinky extended. I will have to stop doing that. 😀

  3. Nunly

    Oh man..I HAVE to go check that out. I remember Olivia well. HA! I’ll bet you did have fun with her!

    This is what I did this weekend…so it wasn’t a barbeque, but a Nunly has to do what a Nunly has to do!

  4. Nunly

    I just finished reading the thread on Walesa thread…

    Just like you said, LA….I felt like I was back on SF’s blog! The only thing missing was Flocon and that twit Joanne. 😀

    • Flocon, the French flake who said America has no history before the Europeans came to the New World?

      Joanne. the other flake who bragged about retiring at 50 but failed to secure health insurance and now wants the rest of us to pay for hers?

      Both are from the Charlie Sheen School of Winning.

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