Goshen College Bans National Anthem Before Athletics

WTHR is reporting this story.

Why did they stop playing it?

Some were upset with the school’s decision last year because the song’s lyrics contain references to using war and military might to defend the country.

Maybe they would have done better to stop and think that their religion is one that many people died for in wars, to protect their right to exercise their faith in it. Maybe if they studied their own history and came to the realization that what is now a “so-called” peace-loving Europe, chased them out through vicious persecution. Here they came to this land, which has been defended fervently to protect their rights to act self-righteous and overly pious.

To Goshen collegians I say, have fun. Enjoy your right to thumb your noses at the national anthem. Someone gave their life for you to have that right, someone grew up without a dad or a mom so you could do this.

If you were in Europe, your sect would all be dead now. If you lived in China, Asia, or the Middle Eastern Muslims countries, you never would have had a chance to be known as a sect. You would have been executed immediately. So in all your prayerful reflections, think about that.

Here is the Goshen College Statement.



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3 responses to “Goshen College Bans National Anthem Before Athletics

  1. Nunly

    When I saw that story I just saw red. You said exactly what I thought…without our military we would not have freedom of religion and it’s people like them who are doing more harm to our religion than anyone because they are incapable of seeing what a great country we live in and that our military deserve all the respect and honor that we can give them.

    Oh…this is off topic, but check out Ozzie Guillen’s latest tweet on my blog. You’ll love it. 😉

  2. The irony never ends does it?

  3. The Quakers were against fighting the Revolutionary War…a super literal interpretation of ‘turn the other cheek’ evidently. I don’t think that’s completely backed up by Biblical teachings. Matter of fact, it’s trending towards the Westboro nuts.

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