Another Blast From The Past

They were from Tampa. They could play their asses off and had a distinct sound within the sub-genre, known as southern rock. I could ramble on for a long time about this band. But to sum it up succinctly, there’s nothing like a blistering tune with three dueling guitars.

This is one such song:




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7 responses to “Another Blast From The Past

  1. I think it’s good for road OR home. 8)

  2. Nunly

    I think I can appreciate their music more now as an adult than I did when they were on the scene. This is another one of those bands that came along when I was in the midst of raising a pack of kids and rarely listened to music because it all sounded too much like whiny kids. When I was looking for down time, I seeded out silence instead of music. Now –thanks to you and a few others- I’m beginning to enjoy the music that I missed. Thanks!

  3. Nunly

    Just for fun…here’s a little music for you. Anthony Weiner’s new cell phone ring tone:


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