Meet The Cedar Falls Reichstag

This isn’t the Northeast, West Coast, or Northwest Coast making this unconstitutional law. It’s the Cedar falls Iowa City Council, the elected body of the citizens who live in the home of the University of Northern Iowa.

This story takes the cake, crumbs and all.

Watch this video, but I must warn you that if you suffer from blood pressure problems you may want to take your medication first:

The arrogance of those pukes is the most infuriating part. The part where the one councilman speaks about what’s best for the people demonstrates the sheer idiocy of the entire matter. But even more disturbing is this. In their minds, they have the right to go against the will of the people even when there is an overwhelming majority opposing it. And why wouldn’t they? They have watched the federal government shove unpopular bailouts, stimulus packages, and Obamacare down the America people’s throats….and get away with it.

This has slippery slope written all over it. First, they want the keys to the businesses and apartments, then they come for the keys to the houses….for the good of the people in the collective, of course.

I hope the citizens of Cedar Falls get this BS law challenged in court and then, I hope they have enough sense to vote every damned council member who shoved this down the people’s throats, out of office.

Hat Tip: The Vitamin Press (Check it out, sometime.)



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14 responses to “Meet The Cedar Falls Reichstag

  1. Apparently they are already doing this with large apartments and want to extend it to small apartments, which is the reason for the outrage–slippery slope. They probably get a kick-back from the key box industry. Hey, don’t laugh, had a contractor tell my mother that her city called a bunch of them together and told them to get ready for more business because they were about to send code inspectors into residential neighborhoods looking for violations with a fine tooth comb.

  2. //….told them to get ready for more business because they were about to send code inspectors into residential neighborhoods looking for violations with a fine tooth comb.//

    What kind of code violations are they inspecting for?

  3. I’m all for helping firefighters do their job.

    That said, this law is over the top. Firefighters know how to break into a building.

    And how hot will the lock box get, anyway, particularly with an interior fire raging.

    The potential for burglary is great, too.

  4. Linked at Infidel Bloggers Alliance. I will link at my site tomorrow.

  5. Nunly

    Un-freakin’-believable. This is wrong on so many levels and unfortunately, it will be those who are going to have to fight this and bring it to a higher court who will pay the price..not to mention the city will have to pay to fight this in court and that money will come from the very tax payers who are fighting this! Those councilmen won’t have to shell out a dime from their pockets. I hope every freakin’ one of them loses their jobs in the next election. Unfortunately, the poor people will have to wait another few years before they can enact their much deserved revenge on this group of nazi city council members.

  6. Thanks for the shout out! I’m impressed you could actually write something about this. I got so annoyed that I had to move onto something else.

  7. Greg

    As I told you on FB, LAS, we have this program in the town I work for, but it is entirely voluntary. It gives some of the seniors a sense of security. If they want, they can give the senior center employees permission to check on them and go inside if no one answers. But of course, we would never consider forcing it on anyone – what a ridiculous idea!! Making this program mandatory is clearly unconstitutional. I can’t believe they would even suggest it.

  8. Greg,

    Voluntary is okay. My mother in law lives in a retirement home with independent and some assisted living services. All staff have master keys so they can open any apt at any time. They go through criminal background checks as a condition of employment.

    Forcing people to leave a key where public safety officials can have access to a dwelling or business is giving access to people who can plant evidence and other things that corrupt government officials can do… and usually get away with. Some of the worst scumbags on the face of the earth are rogue corrupt cops who use their badge as cover from their misdeeds.

  9. Catherine Barry

    Those making the argument FOR this transgression, are exactly the same folks the Founding Fathers warned us about…. just in a different century!

  10. LA, they were operating off some kind of international code. They wrote her up for having some mortar loose in her chimney. 90 days to fix or risk fine, or jail.

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