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“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Jimi Hendrix

I saw this on Facebook yesterday, as a status on the Mellow Mushroom Pizza Facebook page. I knew he could play the guitar like no other, but I have to say that I never knew Jimi was spiritually profound enough to make this kind of a statement.

It goes along with what many of us have said in our writings and conversations before: When the Jihadists decide that they love their children and grandchildren more than they hate the Jews, then we will have a much better chance for peace in the Middle East. When they are ready to quit sending their children into suicide missions and teaching their children that Jews are evil worthy to be killed over a strip of land that has no oil, then will they have a chance to succeed.

In our case here at home, when politicians begin to care about looking out after the welfare of their constituents without trying to enrich themselves and expand their own power base, then we will know peace and success. In both these cases, we are not there yet and we are not even close.



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  1. Nunly

    The Middle East has been a hotbed of hatred for so long that their culture embraces it as some kind of badge of honor. I honestly believe that they are beyond any help. I was reading on some blog (can’t remember which one) that had a post with a letter that was written by an American soldier in Afghanistan. He said that while talking and joking around with some Afghanistan young boys, a couple of young girls came around and the boys immediately started yelling at them to get away and mind their own business. The soldier told them that they shouldn’t talk to the girls that way and that they were welcome to come in and join the conversation, but the boys…even at such a young age, had a strong disrespect for women. I can’t remember the exact words that came from the boys, but it really made me sick.

    This is so entrenched in their culture, this hate, that I can’t see how any peace can be achieved for generations to come…if ever.

    • //This is so entrenched in their culture, this hate, that I can’t see how any peace can be achieved for generations to come…if ever.,?em>//

      It’s looking that way, isn’t it? Any culture that does not honor and respect women is chauvinistic at best and barbaric at worst.

  2. Who knew that Jimi Hendrix could have uttered such a profound statement?

    Good find.

    • AOW, this fell into my lap on my news feed on Facebook. I hit “like” on the pizza joint and these things from them just pop up occasionally. This was one of the more profound statements, and I though it was worthy of sharing.

      I wish I had more time to look for quotes like this.

  3. We may never be with politicians

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