Another Blast From The Past

In 1977-78, I did an 18 month stint in Ft. Riley, Kansas. The area north of the post had some hills to go with the plains, the east had civilization. But to the south and west, it was flat and miles of land occupying the spaces between each house.

Many times I would drive those roads (alone and with friends) just to get away from civilization and have an opportunity to see freedom, freedom from people and structures that contained them. I was one with God, nature, and the elements. I had fresh air, visual beauty beyond compare and a sense of serenity that could not be found just anywhere.

While I drove those endless roads seeking these peaceful periods in spring and summer, this song was often playing on the eight-track tape player in my Chevy Vega. It’s a song written about the legend of Rose Dunn.




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2 responses to “Another Blast From The Past

  1. Interesting, you learn something new every day. Good song, too.

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