Obama Picks Up First International Endorsement

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has been the first world leader to openly endorse Obama for re-election.

You can read the AFP story here.

“I can tell you directly — I would like Barack Obama to be re-elected president of the United States maybe more than someone else,” Medvedev said in an interview with the Financial Times whose full transcript was released by the Kremlin early Monday.

“If another person becomes US president then he may have another course,” he said.

“We understand that there are representatives of a rather conservative wing there who are trying to achieve their political goals at the expense of inflaming passions in relation to Russia, among other things.

“But what use is criticising them? This is simply a way of achieving political goals.”


We want Obama to be re-elected because we can intimidate him into doing whatever is in Russia’s best interest. If intimidation does not work we can play the America guilt card or tell his boss George Soros to do what we say. If we get someone with some guts to stand up to our mafia style government, without fear or trepidation, we may have to compromise with the interests of the American nation. We may even have to to deal with a renewal of the missile defense shield, which will restrict our first strike capabilities on Western Europe, if they do not play the game the way we want them to play.

We understand that there is a faction of Americans that is not afraid to repair the damage already done by President Obama, and would bring America back into a leadership role in the world arena. This is a role that we want to fill through extortion and blackmail, not benevolence and free market competition. Therefore, we need to have Obama in for another four years to finish his wrecking ball approach to the American economy.

With the growth our models are projecting for Russia and the devastation that Obama can cause to the U.S. in the next four years, Russia and our newly found ally China can assert themselves into the world’s leading powers while America devolves into a third world cesspool. So in 2012, Russia says keep hope alive and re-elect Obama.



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8 responses to “Obama Picks Up First International Endorsement

  1. The first of many.

    He will find support all over the world from Beijing to Caracas, Riyadh to Havana, Mexico City to Nairobi.

    Although, the last one is more a sentimental thing – favorite son and all.

  2. Nunly

    So that should give Obama a boost, eh? Let’s not forget that he also has the illegal alien vote and the dead vote that he can rely on.

  3. Obama is to Medvedev what Medvedev is to Putin. Easily controllable!

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