Rochester Police Officers Retaliate Against Supporters Of Emily Good

In a follow-up to the Emily Good story I posted on this past week, apparently there was a meeting supporting her in Rochester. Because it wasn’t a huge meeting, it was probably not very noticeable. But it was evidently noticed by some.

In the spirit of police retaliation and intimidation once found in the culture of Nazi SS and Gestapo forces, evidently some of the police were using valuable city time to get their rulers out and measure the distances of the cars of those attending that meeting from the curbs.

Here is what one citizen caught on camera:


As I said in my earlier post, my biological father was in law enforcement most of his working life. I have also had several friends throughout the years who were police officers and have had contact with many others doing their jobs in a very professional manner. They were, then, and hopefully still are a credit to their profession, doing a tireless, dangerous, and often thankless job that many do not want to do. And they do it for peanuts, compared to other jobs with high stress levels.

The times I have been pulled over, I have always made sure that when they approach my car my hands are in plain view as a courtesy to the officer so that he/she can feel comfortable knowing I am not one of the bad guys ready to shoot them. When an officer has approached me asking me if I had seen anything that looked suspicious in some situation, I told him what little I knew, if anything. I always asked for their card and if I saw something , I assured them I would give them a call. But as I watch this story take its twists and turns, it is becoming clear to me that there are some elements on this police force that can be classified as bullies, and even thugs. Good police do not allow these things to affect their responses. Good police officers do not retaliate against citizens who have grievances with one of their peers.

Rochester is a city in New York with a population of about 210,000 and has a metro area of about a million. It seems to me in a city of this size, there is a more urgent need to be in areas where crimes against other people are more prevalent…. crimes that are committed directly against citizens and their property. It seems somewhere else there could have been a burglary, a robbery, and/or even a murder taking place, because the real bad guys were not oblivious to the fact that a group of officers were harassing people who were merely having a meeting, about a bad decision made by one of their own.

To the best of my knowledge, no one has called for Officer Mario Masic to be fired. I don’t think it is warranted.  But from what I have seen and read, it would seem discipline against the officer is. Arresting someone for disobeying an illegal order is a violation of a person’s civil rights. In addition to this, the city needs to drop all charges, issue an apology, and a implement a change of policy.

Remember the story of Nazi Germany, let us never forget it. It didn’t happen overnight. It developed into a nightmare state gradually, in steps.

First, they suggested. When that didn’t work, they nudged. When that had no effect, they shoved, If that had no effect, they struck and eventually killed. Pretty soon they had a full fledged police state on their hands, because no one had the guts to stand up for what was right and declare openly what was wrong, when there was an opportunity to stop it. Today it’s a girl on her own lawn, tomorrow it it may be you in your own home.

UPDATE: Evidently, one of the local Rochester newspaper staff writers is trying to hijack this case and inject race into it.



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6 responses to “Rochester Police Officers Retaliate Against Supporters Of Emily Good

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  2. That is a lot of officers. I find it hard to believe they did this on their own. Seems like following orders from someone further up. I think a police administrator needs to go.

  3. A.C. McCloud

    Whoever ordered this should be disciplined. The police, like all public employees, work for the taxpayers. They need to be reminded of this every now and then.

    • The people of Rochester are the ones who ultimately have the power to change this. The rest of us throughout the country and the world can decry it all we want. All major news networks can carry this sad tale ad nauseum. But in the end, the voters must hold the Mayor accountable for this kind of behavior.

      No doubt this could all be worse, no citizen’s face has been beaten beyond recognition over this….yet. But if they are allowed to get away with this, they will feel empowered to retaliate over other incidents that may not be so high profile, next time.

      Yes, they do work for us. And yes, most of these protestors are left leaning liberals who love to protest any and everything. But they are finally on the right side of an issue and as long as they are, I will stand with them.

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