Charges Dropped Against Emily Good

The story is here.

The District Attorney’s Office today agreed to dismissal of the criminal charge against Emily Good, who was arrested in May while videotaping police making a traffic stop.

The video of Good’s arrest has gone viral, attracting nationwide news coverage, including a live interview with Good on CNN. Though the criminal charge against Good was a lone misdemeanor count, her arrest became the centerpiece of a community debate over the police response.

The posts I put up on this subject generated a lot of hits, showing there was a lot of public interest in how this case was going to be handled. This is one case that demonstrates why I modified the theme of my blog and turned it into a forum that focused on the public cause.

As causes come and go, there are some that carry weight and others that don’t. I won’t waste my time on cases that have no merit.  This was one that I felt merited a large enough response to effect a favorable outcome for civil rights, of all property owners, everywhere.  Once we lose our rights as property owners in this country, we don’t have a free nation anymore. The Kelo decision and other abominations like it have stripped rights from property owners, little by little, with no respect to people who have worked for it. If we do not make a stand now, it will all slip away someday and we’ll wonder what the hell happened to us.

I still support the vast majority of  police officers who suit up everyday, never knowing what they will face on the beat that day, evening, or night. They are people in whom we entrust our safety and protection, when we cannot protect ourselves.

In emergency situations where there is an imminent danger to others, orders from police officers should be issued and followed by the citizens. But when they are issued needlessly because a cop in a bad mood says so, it becomes an issue that indicates a lack of respect for who pays their salaries. I have bad days like everyone else and I do not reserve the right to trample on others, when I do. I have had much authority over others, but had no right to use it as a means of control.

I led people, and I did it by example. I demonstrated what I expected of others who worked for me. Those who were committed to the cause we had before us, followed willingly with no force needed.

Think of the society we’d have if everyone would lead like that. If every politician in Washington would show respect to their constituents and lead by example, the nation we so love would be so much better than it is. But sadly, it is not this way. We are led by people who lust after power and vainglory. They amass wealth and power, so they can shut down the opposition instead of listening to the people they work for. They are the reason we are in the great messes we are in.

So, today, the cause of Emily Good had been vindicated. What she does with this will be up to her.

If she becomes exalted in her own mind and feels empowered to challenge the wrong cause(s) in the future, I may take the opposite side of the issue next time. That all depends on her inner values and principles… and how she acts on them.



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2 responses to “Charges Dropped Against Emily Good

  1. Rick Abrams

    After events had turned a good direction with the charges being dropped against Ms. Good, Union Chief Mazzeo threw gasoline on the smoldering embers before they could die out.

    Had Mazzeo taken the time to study the video, as others have done from around the world, he would have seen that Officer Masic was the threat to his fellow officers. After Masic took one suspect to the trunk area, he started yelling over to Ms. Good. That exchange distracted the officers and you can see that all three of them are focused solely on Ms. Good. Had a car occupant been dangerous, e.g. wanted on a felony warrant, we could have two dead officers with gun shots to the stomach, and a felon or felon(s) fleeing into the night. No one should distract the officers. Emily did not distract them, Officer Masic did, thereby placing the lives of fellow officers in jeopardy. And, for that Mazzeo praises him?

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