The Herman Cain Ad Campaign

I haven’t decided who to support for President yet, because I am not convinced that everyone who will be in the race, is in the race just yet. But I have seen a couple of ads that have been circulating on the internet for Herman Cain. And….I must say that the two I have seen have been well done.

You can always count on marketing people having good ad people as part of political campaign organization. Sadly, this is one the major components of the campaign that vaulted the President into his current role. He used it to get elected and he has used that same campaign machine throughout the duration of his presidency.

We know that the campaign sold a bill of goods to the American people in 2008, we know that he was not the man he claimed to be. He used the skills of a public relations machine to create this false image of a man that, at times during the 2008 race, showed the weakness and a moral lack of courage that we see now as he governs.

He spoke fluently when there was a teleprompter telling him what to say. The people who cut and spliced the interviews crafted an image that is not accurate of who he really was….and still is.

We who did not support him knew of his ties to Left Wing radicals in his past. We saw him for what he was.

So as we begin to see the ads ratchet up, we must be cognizant of who we are watching. Once again, we must use our critical thinking skills to sort through the marketing created emotions. We know that sound bites and commercials are not a true test of the skill that will be needed to govern such an important nation that leads on a world stage. So, watch this first one and know that it contains musch of what we already know, about why we must not let Obama win a second term:

So, the problems we see are not hidden. We know what they are, we know who is ignoring them. We understand that Obama is a union hours president. He hits the Oval Office from 9-5, takes off the rest of the day, and hits the links and the vacation circuit the rest of the time. That’s the European and the union model of what time on the job entails.

On the other hand, a successful CEO spends a lot of time on the job. He works tirelessly to tie up loose ends at the office and prepares for his next day, when the rest of the satff has gone home. He stews, he frets, he works out kinks that are making things difficult in the daily operations. He problem solves, while the rest of the staff are home with their families or exercising their social lives in between shifts.

This ad made me wonder if Cain would truly bring the same tireless work ethic to the Oval Office, as he did when he served in the boardrooms of Pillsbury and Godfathers Pizza:

Good ads, for sure.

But my next question is, what are the solutions to the problems we all know and see before us?



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10 responses to “The Herman Cain Ad Campaign

  1. Mary Ellen (Nunly)

    I don’t doubt his work ethic, nor do I doubt his love for this country. However, he is clueless on foreign policy. Sure, he could get a VP that could help him in that area but it is the President who would have to make the split second decision in case of an attack. Not to mention, Herman would be chewed up and spit up in a debate with issues such as foreign policy. If that were the case, and Herman stumbled or made large error he might Obama look stronger in that area than him.

    I do believe Herman Cain is not ready and should get his feet wet in government before he runs for President. He has to know the ins and outs or he will be duped and taken advantage of.

    Regarding the ads…the first one was too long and it was confusing when he interjected his voice in the beginning and middle without showing a picture of himself. His picture didn’t show up until the end. Not to mention that red background made him look like he was in hell or something. Creepy. I’m definitely not on board with this guy.

    • It’s true, he has a huge hill to climb. The first one was long and made for the internet. The second ad could be used in a TV spot, but even it’s a little long for TV.

      I agree w/ your analysis on foreign policy. It’s a huge deficit for him.

      I am not big on ads, as they are used to provoke emotions more then they are deep reflective thought. But, I looked through the news this morning and frankly, it’s pretty much the same tired old thing. Greece is exploding, people in Boston are sick of Whitey Bulger stories, here in Indy it has been non-stop stories about the missing college girl from IU for weeks now.

      We need a jolt of something. We need one of the candidates to come forward with something other than rhetoric about the problems we all know to be serious. I want some answers.

  2. In my view, I don’t think that Cain is ready to serve as President at this point. Sure, I like what he has to say, but speaking a world of difference from governing.

  3. Mary Ellen (Nunly)

    On the other hand, Michele Bachman is making a big hit in New Hampshire and Iowa and that is absolutely driving the left wing media nuts! I love her just for that reason alone! My gosh, Chris Matthews is foaming at the mouth and throwing spit like nobody’s business! šŸ˜€

  4. I tend to go with AOW but then at times I wonder – do we really need a lawyer or politician to be President.

    I have been intrigued by Perry although I admit I don’t know a lot about him yet.

    • What I have heard from Perry has been positive. The big positive I see from him is his stance on states’ rights. One negative that will sway people like Nunly is, his accent is very similar to GWB’s. If you hear him speak sometime just shut your eyes and you think, oh my.

  5. He should have shown a fleeting image of Ayers when that “Dreams” quote was used, but I guess that would have caused heads to explode.

    I’m like you–too many contestants right now and not enough has soaked in. But Cain will definitely get a look.

  6. //…too many contestants right now and not enough has soaked in. //

    The only thing that has really been able to reach most of us is the leftist MSM has brought out all of the negatives they can on aech of these candidates, early. I watched Bachman on Schieffer Sunday, the guy tried to Gibson her like Charlie did Palin. The difference is that she stayed right on message.

    My criticism of her is not dissimilar to the rest. Good understanding and descriptions of the problems. And excellent articulation of those problems.

    But I want to hear specific solutions. Maybe they don;t want them out now for the leberal press to devour so ealry, but it makes our job to eval these candidates harder.

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