Obama Campaign Sweating

It has been overtly noted that Team Obama is getting nervous about some things.

The article states clearly that there is no economic message being articulated. Debbie “Cute Smile” Wasserman Schultz says that Dems own the economy, but so far they have tripled the debt and the deficit with no results. The only economic message being communicated by this White House is how people are going to suffer badly if rich people aren’t taxed more, and we do not have another stimulus package soon.

The article also mentions some fundraising concerns. I guess the bundlers have been laid off.

A couple other concerns that might be weighing heavily on the White House these days:

1. Obama announces a draw down of forces in Afghanistan and the Taliban wastes no time in doing what we all knew would happen the moment he announced it.

They attacked a hotel in Kabul in grand style to celebrate. And you can bet there will be more like it. As they do this, there will be enemy film crews splicing the film cuts and making it look like they are driving the U.S. forces out. The people who support and admire this enemy will see this as victory for their cause.

I am not necessarily opposed to cutting forces, I see things from both sides of the issue. One side is clear, the Afghan people do not appreciate what we have tried to do for them. So, why keep spending money we do not have and sacrificing more American lives for their safety and security? So…. if this is our decision, it should be done quietly, carefully, and not in a manner to score points politically.

Certainly, this decision has backfired and will be regretted over and over again, until the last troop comes home.

2. Another concern that Team Obama must have about now is the enormous amount of recreational time this President has taken over the course of his term.

This President lacks the commitment that is needed to lead this nation. Certainly he deserves a vacation like anyone else. But he has been the 9-5…. take weekends off, fly anywhere he wants whenever he wants…..all on the taxpayer’s dime, president. From the beginning, he flew Michelle and himself to NYC for a date night, has spent many days on the golf course when leadership was needed, and we all paid for it.

And as if this isn’t enough, he has the audacity to tell Congress that they should not take vacations until the debt ceiling issue is dealt with.

So, it is becoming more apparent that we are not the only ones who think Obama is in trouble. But I am sure it will get better. As the desperation in the Obama camp gets worse, look for more idiotic maneuvers that will cause deep and lasting damage to this nation over the next decade…… and beyond.

But more than anything, I think the staff at Obama HQ knows deep in the recesses of their hearts that they are working to re-elect a flake:



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8 responses to “Obama Campaign Sweating

  1. Mary Ellen (Nunly)

    There’s no doubt, his campaign should be concerned about his re-election. But he always has that ace in the hole, the main stream media, who won’t report Obama’s record. The die-hard followers of Obama can’t drag themselves away from MSNBC and CNN, and they continue to believe that whatever Obama says…such as it’s the Republican’s fault for the bad economy.

    For the life of me I cannot understand any person who is Jewish who can support this guy, especially since he put Israel on the list of countries that promote terrorism…and he took North Korea OFF that list! The guy is an open anti-Semite and he’s getting away with it!

    • The clincher is MSNBC is so enamored with this guy, they went berserk and yanked Halperin off the air because he said what everyone else (but the Obamaton) is thinking. This is the network that slapped the hands of two misogynists for saying Hillary “pimped” Chelsea and Laura Ingraham is a slut.

      Help me here, but I think they have suspended more of their on-air staff than both FOX and CNN combined.

      Here’s a novel idea for MSLSD and it’s upper echelon management. Don’t want to suspend commentators on a regular basis? Stop hiring assholes.

  2. I keep saying it – I think he’s very vulnerable

    • He is, but it’s not a lock. The GOP is going to have to act right during primary season and not beat up on each other. if they act like they have some respect for each other, they can avoid giving the Dems extra campaign fodder and they can have an easier time uniting against the common foe….Obama.

  3. He’s vulnerable due to the p percent, but the behavior of the press at that presser yesterday shows exactly why he will be able to compete and maybe win–they simply refuse to risk hurting his feelings by asking followups or interrupting his filibusters while gang-tackling Bachmann over Waterloo or Palin over Paul Revere. And it’s going to get worse. Good thing Trump got the birth cert thing out of the way early.

  4. Opps, due to the 9 percent..

    • Was that dyslexic typing? 8)

      Anyway, it’s not going to be easy. But there are a lot of disenchanted people to include progressives that think he has sold them out. Many of them may stay home….and the independents have deserted him.

      I don;t think the polls we see on a regular basis are anywhere near what the election would be if it were held today. There’s a lot of skewing in O’s favor going on.

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