A Day At The Ball Park

Mrs. Sunset loves baseball. She is a long time Braves fan, while I grew up as an Angels fan. Since we cannot see our teams play in person very often, we sometimes do the next best thing. We go see the Big Red Machine play at the Great American Ball Park.

Here are some photos from Sunday’s sweltering game on the Cincinnati riverfront, the first is the press box and suites:
(NOTE-Pay no attention to the dates on the photos, I don’t know how it always gets screwed up.)

Next we have the right field line with the might Ohio River in the backdrop:

Here is the center field, with the Paddle Boat Bar and Grill:

And the left field, with it’s state of the art scoreboard, one of the may reasons I had to pay $7.50 for an 8 oz cup of beer and $5 for a bottle of water. They have to make that mortgage payment every month:

The post-game dinner to celebrate the Reds 7-5 victory (over intrastate rivals Cleveland) took place at Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurant. Wish they still had them in Indy:

The bank screen across the street showed 100 degrees. It was a hot but fun day.



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7 responses to “A Day At The Ball Park

  1. Is that “Bob” the Big Boy, or another one?

  2. In the Ohio area, it’s franchised as Frisch’s. But it is one and the same with Bob’s. Shoney’s was once part of the fold at one time but they wanted to expand into other protected states and dropped the Big Boy name.

  3. Rocket

    Love it…. I’m a Reds fan since I was a kid in Dayton .


    • Did you go to Crosley Field?

      • Rocket

        Did you go to Crosley Field?

        Of course. Many times! I was at the longest game in Crosley back sometime in the 60s. 20 something innings. Now that was the good ole days when things were still in wood and bricks. My grandparents lived in Cincinnati so we used to go there every weekend to visit. Only 60 miles from Dayton.

  4. Rocket

    here it is.

  5. Awesome. I saw a scaled down model of Crosley in the Red Hall of Fame.

    The new ballpark is nice enough. But those old parks had so much history. Even Riverfront had a lot of history with the World series titles of the 70s. Bench, Rose, Perez, Morgan, Parker, all were the best in their day.

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