We’re Number One

We lead the world in a lot of things. But sadly, freedom and liberty can cause some unintended consequences.

At Economic Collapse, there is a list of things we lead in that should not make us quite so proud.

Even with these things being known, it is still not the right of government to fix these things. The government cannot stop every crime before it can be committed, but they can prosecute and punish those who are guilty in a court of law. The biggest solution to these things lies within the people, themselves. We fail as a nation, when we do not teach our children right from wrong and they do not see us exercise the proper choices.

Something to think about as we head back to work this week.



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9 responses to “We’re Number One

  1. Z

    I suppose that’s percentages….not ‘the most’…because we have ‘the most’ of everything by sheer numbers.
    It’s discouraging, isn’t it………..Decency seems a thing of the past. Talk about THAT at work, maybe we could get a conversation going.
    But, of course, the PC Police will ask “What makes THAT decent and THIS isn’t?” that’s the biggest problem; no moral compass left.

  2. Z,

    The Left believes that morality is relative. There is no good or bad, just perception. They are hopeless.

  3. A.C. McCloud

    There is no good or bad, just perception.

    Yes, but they made an exception to that gray area with Bush and Cheney.

  4. I would have far less of an issue with the moral relativists if they would respect two things:

    1. Don’t expect me to participate in your affairs.
    2. Don’t expect me to subsidize them.

    But in many occasions there is no respecting of those two things. First because they need you to participate so as to legitimize (or at least not form a contrasting) with whatever ills they may perpetuate. And secondly because they cannot support themselves without using those that have applied that awfully moral concept of applying discipline to personal economics.

    In the end many of these moral relativists are no such thing. They have no problem at all telling you what you can and cannot do.

    • I am with you Kip. I don’t care what people do in the privacy of their own home. I don’t care what kind of dumbass decisions they make that could cause them harm, as a consequence of their own actions. But leave me out of all of it and keep to themselves, is all I ask.

  5. I can’t hear anything over the sound of how awesome this artilce is.

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