The State Vs. Casey Marie Anthony

I am sick of the Casey Anthony story, but it has become a media circus thanks to Nancy Grace and Bill O’Reilly.

These are two commentators who beat it into the ground before the verdict and have continued to hammer it several days post verdict. They say they do it because it was a gross miscarriage of justice, like a jury has never gotten it wrong before.

They both are conducting their respective shows like this is the only thing in the world worth talking about. While the government is considering raising the debt ceiling to accommodate the spending binge the elected officials have embarked upon for the past several years, while the Obama Administration is embarking on a daily campaign of lies and deceits that affect billions of people worldwide, they are shutting it all out to talk about a tramp.

So unless something odd or unusual comes to light about this case, this is going to be my only post on this subject.

Here’s what I think:

1. I don’t know of she killed her daughter or not. We know she is dead, we don’t know how she got that way or when. We only know when and where her remains were found, and the state of those remains provided no clues.

2. There was no objective evidence that tied Casey to the death. It was built on a lot of circumstantial evidence that only proves beyond a reasonable doubt, she is a tramp and a pathological liar. The prosecution failed miserably.

3. I do believe she knows what happened to her daughter. Nothing in the trial proves it was or wasn’t an accident that was made to look like an abduction and murder. Again, the evidence wasn’t there. Even if she tells the truth at this point, who knows if it can be believed?

4. I believe that the grandmother and grandfather know what happened to Caylee. What kind of a grandparent doesn’t report a grandchild missing, if his/her daughter is vague about her whereabouts and cannot produce her upon request? Grandpa was a cop, who knows how to make crime scenes almost clue-free. Grandpa was contemplating suicide and allegedly had an affair while the investigation was ongoing. Were these incidents just attempts to help ease a guilty conscience? Why did Grandma get on the stand and say that SHE is the one who performed an internet search for chloroform, 80 some odd times?

5. We may never know the truth. All of these people are consummate liars. They have all lied repeatedly and are suspect, if you ask me. A lying cop who knows forensics, a woman who married a lying cop, and a daughter who was raised by a lying cop. Liars beget more liars. Not all cops are liars, but there is a brotherhood that is solidified by a union. If George was a well-liked cop by his brothers, they might have been more likely to believe his stories than I do.

6. This is how our justice system is supposed to work. As much as this case stinks, I don’t think they had enough evidence to convict. There is a truth, I am not so sure the one the prosecution brought forth is the truth. i think it will be forever buried, because the Orlando Police Department and the Orange County Prosecutor will never re-open this case now that they have botched this one.

7. The rest of  Casey’s life will exist in ruin. Very few quality people will want to associate themselves with Anthony after her release and many will try to hurt her. She will spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder, because the outrage is so prevalent and her face is so well-known. She can alter her appearance and change her name, but she will forever wonder if someone recognizes her and wants to do her harm. Mob justice is not the answer, but it is a consequence sometimes when a case like this goes unpunished in the eyes of citizens. The other thing to consider is, she may not handle this well afterward when no one wants to associate with her and may hurt herself or do something else stupid like O.J., finding herself in jail again.

And thus ends my take in the case of the State vs, Casey Marie Anthony….and her dysfunctional family.

I have nothing more to say, it is time to move on and let God have his say whenever He chooses to do so.


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