Greed: The Necessary Evil

One of the Seven Deadly Sins is greed. In the Bible it is addressed as avarice. Either word is correct, either word is not necessarily a good thing but is a necessary evil and component in a free society. Economic freedom cannot exist in a culture, unless there is a healthy amount of it, even if that means some unhealthy amounts exist.

Progressives disagree with that notion, they think government is the answer to make greed go away. But before anyone reading this post is tempted to get indignant about my statements, here is a short clip from a late 70s Phil Donahue shown you might want to watch. Notice how quiet Phil gets, when Mr. Friedman makes his points:

How is greed a good thing? Give this a read.

Someone started a business in her own home and because she saw the potential to make more money, she now has a payroll, which means she has created some jobs along the way.

There are stories all over this nation like this. A small business gets bigger and needs more people to hire to make it grow. But if you penalize these people by categorizing them as greedy corporate jet owners because their income is above $250,000 annually (which isn’t that much anymore), you will see no more growth of these kinds of businesses and thus there will be no job creation. More people will be on the public dole and less people will be paying into it.

This is not rocket science. This is not fuzzy math.

Once a government swells so big and and out of control that the citizenry cannot fund it anymore, once there are more government jobs (both directly funded and subsidized), it will collapse like Greece is trying to do. Greece is a small country that has little influence on a large scale, but it is microcosm of what this nation will become if the present government continues to spend us into oblivion.

Call your Congressman and Senators and tell them you will not tolerate any more out of control spending. Tell them that if they continue to do so, those up for re-election will be fired like many were last year. Now is not the time to get passive. Now is the time to be assertive, now is the time to be active. Now is a good time to STOP THE MADNESS.



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4 responses to “Greed: The Necessary Evil

  1. There’s never an answer from the left when confronted with logic.

    Greed is everywhere. Look at communistic countries. The leadership of these countries sell their collective theories to the masses while they live a life of luxury. It has happened in every single communist and socialist government I can think of.

    Capitalism is the only logical system. Capitalism rewards innovation, communism/socialism rewards maintaining the status quo.

    I do believe that greed is what has made America great. It has made us a world leader in innovation. Either inventions, or improvements to existing goods, the desire to profit from the new and improved gadget has lead to many improvements in our lives.

    Doing what we are doing right now, communicating over the internet, is the result of greed. We are only able to do this because of stronger computers and faster internet speeds.

    If we did not have greed we would still be using the original UNIVAC or something similar. IBM would not have developed the first commercially available PC. Greed made other companies develop the original dinosaur-like PCs into faster and cheaper versions so that we are able to communicate as we are.

    I will say one thing though. I believe that a corollary to greed is good is that there is a moral obligation to share the wealth. I am not, of course, talking about the government sharing the wealth but instead through charity.

    Greed can be carried to an extreme and this is what gives the left ammunition against it.

  2. Nunly

    Excellent find on that video, LA!

    I’m not sure when it happened, when we lost our capitalism spirit in this country, but I believe our country is in big trouble, and not so sure how we can get back to our capitalistic roots.

    I’m not against helping the poor or those who need a boost to get back on their feet again, I think charities such as Catholic Charities and other institutions do great work in that area. But there seems to be a new sense of entitlement in society today, where, as you said, more people will be on the public dole and we cannot sustain this lifestyle.

    I can’t even imagine anyone wanting to start a new business these days when we have a President and Democrat party who wants to punish them with high taxes if they succeed.

    One thing I noticed on that video, however, was the difference in demeanor of Phil Donahue compared to the talking heads in today’s programs. Phil did sit quietly and let him make his point…no shouting or talk-overs like you see on MSNBC and other programs. So, as much as I don’t agree with Phil Donahue’s politics, I do appreciate the fact that he was polite and respectful of his guests.

    • Phil even gave Gus Savage and Louis Farrakhan time to speak their racist minds without interrupting. Donahue challenged them and Savage almost went ballistic and said he ought to slap Phil upside his head.

      Savage was and still is an ass.

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