Another Blast From The Past

The week’s installment might surprise you. The 71 year old Welsh singer 60s and 70s sex symbol, Tom Jones, has become deep, spiritual, and a little more in tune with his own mortality in his 2010 release called Praise and Blame.

Much of the music is rooted in a deep-hearted rock and roll, of the blues tradition. This one was derived from an old traditional spiritual song that Elvis once covered. But you might find this version a bit more uptempo:

The last song is a refashioned John Lee Hooker tune. It’s a blistering blues piece that does not sound anything close to a Tom Jones song that any of us ever remember. Give it a listen:




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4 responses to “Another Blast From The Past

  1. Nunly

    I don’t have time this morning to watch the videos but will check them out later. OMGosh….Tom Jones. LOL! I forgot all about him.

  2. OMGosh Mary Ellen. Hows does a woman in your statistical demographic forget TOM JONES?

  3. It’s really easy Sunset… I was young enough in his hay day to think he was gross. LOL!!!

    • All I remember is women thinking he was this sexy singer, screaming and generally acting like fools. I did like a few of his earlier tunes, but not all of them. This new stuff shows how much talent I think he always had and how he missed the opportunity to really do some much better work earlier in his career.

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