Schakowsky: Average Americans Too Stupid To Understand Social Security

In his usual union thug tactical style, the President said he could not guarantee that checks for seniors and veterans would go out on August 3rd, if he doesn’t get what he wants from Congress. He cannot win on the merits of his stances and proposals, so in true street thug form he resorts to political blackmail and extortion. In another recent statement, he stated that the average American cannot understand the debt ceiling issue like the professional politicians can.

One of the biggest fans of Obama is Jan Schakowsky–a Democratic Congresswoman from the 9th District in Illinois, one that includes much of the north suburbs of Chicago. She just thinks he is grand.

Recently the Congresswoman appeared on a local Chicago talk show and gave an interview that exposed the lies and distortions that Obama and his minions on the left have been disseminating, in an effort to get their way on an issue, where their stances are clearly not the answer. Take a moment and listen to her tangle herself up in a web of lies, and try to lie her way out by telling the hosts they are too stupid to understand the issue:

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have been telling the American people that Social Security is solvent. But there won’t be enough money to cut the checks, if the government cannot borrow more money.

How utterly stupid do they think we are? The SS Program is a pay as you go AND a trust fund?

Get ready people. This next election will be either the resurgence of an American free state or the continuation of a dangerous thugocracy. The professional politicians have made this mess and now it is time for people to take back their government from them. It’s ours, not theirs.

Hat Tip for the video: ITHM



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7 responses to “Schakowsky: Average Americans Too Stupid To Understand Social Security

  1. -people keep voting for these morons

    -clearly these voters are idiots

    -they very well may be too stupid to understand

    At least this is her hope

  2. I recently read that some 41% of our national debt consists of money that the federal government borrowed from the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds so that the federal government could keep up its day to day operations.

    If that information is true, why isn’t it being broadcast all over the place?

    • AOW,

      It’s called selective reporting.

      • Catherine Barry

        Just like the far left has worked overtime to steal the minds and hearts of about 3 generations of of our young people who are now the brain dead sheeple who elected this know nothing, Messanic poser.
        the MSM has had a love affair with commies for years. The Media Research Center did an excellent report on their research that goes back about 50 years, called “Better Off Red”. Do a google Search on that title and download. It’s an informative read but no surprise at all.

      • From the piece you cite CB,

        “Gorbachev is helping the West by showing that the Soviet threat isn’t what it used to be, and what’s more, that it never was,” Time’s Strobe Talbott argued in a January 1, 1990 piece

        Once they got nuclear weapons under Stalin, they were a threat. They may not have been near the threat we were led to believe in the last years of the USSR, but one bomb sipping through would have been enough.

  3. Phil

    There is only one thing that travels faster than the speed of light…
    A thought crossing the average American mind…
    In one ear and out the other with no resistance in between…

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