Contessa Brewer – Journalist Wannabe

You have to love Contessa Brewer. She makes it easy to criticize her lack of journalistic finesse, her lack of preparation, and intelligence. Sometimes it is a cakewalk exposing her for what she really is, a progressive hack. Watch here as she finds out she is dealing with someone a hell of a lot smarter on the economy than she is, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) and graduate from Duke University with double majors in political science and economics (highest honors in economics).

Note how she went from questioning his credentials to “so you disagree”. The Left leaning Media must think that every conservative from Alabama is some country bumpkin who has an easy rider gun rack in the back of his pick-up. No one from the south could ever have a degree in economics from a prestigious university, it’s just not possible.

I have said many times before this little mix-up, MSNBC scrapes the bottom of the barrel for on-air talent. Brewer is but one example why the ratings stink. She is angry, classless, and evidently too stupid to research who she plans to smear in an interview. I can tell that she spent more time trying to find a way to trip him up on ideology, than knowing his background. She is weak.

Anyone who mistakes her for a TV journalist needs psychiatric help for possible undiagnosed thought disorders.



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5 responses to “Contessa Brewer – Journalist Wannabe

  1. Wonder if she ever asked Reid or Pelosi if they were generals when they criticized the Iraq war? Or if they were economists when they criticized Bush’s deficit spending?

    • I don’t think she was a big enough personality to garner an interview. Come to think of it, I don’t think either of them gave very many. As I recall, MSNBC and the other leftist media outlets mostly circulated sound bites.

  2. Catherine Barry

    OK… this was too easy! There will never be a shortage of stupid leftista reporters on the Marxist/Socialist News Broadcasting Company, or the Communist News Network! LOL!!!

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