Friday Funnies

Boy it’s hot. It’s not just hot, it’s damned hot. It’s so hot I had a flashback from Vietnam…and I have never even been there.

Alright, alright.

Here’s the real funny:

Now that I think about it, maybe it’s not.



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6 responses to “Friday Funnies

  1. My wife is on that drug

  2. This is a problem all over the world. I do not want to see the United States of Greece, or a big Chinese dominion in North America.

    Things are completely different in Japan, because severely hit by 3-11 earthquake. People talk about reconstruction expenditure and tax raising. Quite interestingly, IMF endorses this idea, though it “preaches” market-oriented reforms to developing countries.

    Thank you for your congratulation on women’s soccer championship. It is a good cheer-up for quake hit Japan. America’s turn will come!

    • Hi there Shah/Ross. I am glad you are okay from that quake and the subsequent radiation hazards. Japan has suffered so much and was glad that winning something like the World Cup could provide a little respite.

      I am not interested in America dominating the world economy, I just want her to do her part and a be a strong pillar. But this present Administration is set on weakening the American standing, because of a manufactured and oftimes manipulated sense of guilt for having a high standard of living. Decisions being made now will ripple across the planet for years now, we have to get this President fired in the next election, badly.

      Thanks for stopping by, I know you are a very busy man. Come back when you can and I will do better about visiting your blog. By the way, I see you are on Twitter, are you the same H Ross Kawamura that has a Facebook page?

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