Analyzing The Norway Terrorist Attack

I haven’t written about this sooner, because like everyone else that has a code of morality and ethics, I have been angry and seething about this immoral act. Like everyone else, I am in shock that someone could something like this in such a peace-loving nation like Norway. Therefore, I join the civilized world in condemning these heinous and cowardly acts.

It takes a special kind of barbarian to mow down innocent and defenseless children. Killing someone my age is bad enough, but those kids had nothing but the rest of their lives ahead of them. If I could be put in a room with this worthless bastard for a little while, I would show no mercy to him–except I would not kill him. Killing a puke like this only lets him out of his pathetic sickness and misery sooner. And guys like this deserve daily torment just like every family member of the kids that he killed will feel, for the rest of their lives. They will hurt greatly, so should he.

Having said that, let’s take a moment and review what we know the media has told us about this low-life scumbag and what may or may not be true. there are some things we can say and things we cannot for sure, just yet.

We know that after the blast, an Islamic terror group called the “Helpers of Global Jihad” first claimed responsibility, then retracted. We know that the early reports by the media about Anders Behring Breivik came out with some level of glee in the left-wing media. They were pleased to learn he is a right-wing fundamentalist Christian, who hated multiculturism and Muslims. Leftist fanatics and apologists are forever making comparisons between radical Islam and radical Christianity, even though there is little to compare and much to contrast.

In radical Islam, there is an objective to spread barbaric forms of medieval Islam throughout the world. This was how Mohammed spread his religion back then, this is how they want to spread it now. They seek to return to the sword, which is now a metaphor for violence. Christ spread Christianity through peaceful means often times with martyrdom as a consequence, at the hands of unbelievers. He never advocated violence to spread His message of hope. In fact, the story is told of how Jesus healed the ear of a man that was cut off by Peter, his disciple. His example was to respect the government officials, persuade unbelievers to convert, and not do them harm if they rejected the message.

Per the reports up until now, this putrid jerk Breivik was trying to stop the spread of Islam, not advance his own religion. His wrongful action is a reaction. Islam acts both violently by force and through the active art of manipulation. If what we are hearing is true, he acted back in a like manner. He sought to use the same hateful tactics as Mohammed, the Ottoman Turks, and other war-like groups who have historically used violence to force Islam on an unwilling population.

The thing that makes this whole act so difficult to understand is the method he used to draw attention to what is being portrayed, as his motives. The press is calling this a mini crusade of one right wing fundamentalist Christian man. If he hated Muslims so badly, how is it that he could attack innocent Norwegians to demonstrate this hatred for Muslims? Why did he not go after those he is supposed be hating?

I suppose the Left Wing hacks are going to be having a heyday with this story in the next several weeks, just like they did with Jared Lee Loughner. They jumped the gun with that incident and they appear to be doing so with this one. In that case, they wanted to prove that right-wing talk radio was dangerous and needed to be silenced. In this case, they want to have a reason to go after blond-haired blue-eyed people, by painting them as terror threats—here and everywhere else in the world. And that is just fine with those who have a proven track record of terror like Al Qaida and its wannabe offshoots, they are for anything that diverts attention from them.

They seek to downplay and ignore the actions of Major Hasan, the Ft. Hood shooter. They tell us not to rush to judgment right away, but want to inflate this act to a much higher level for the purpose of stripping more freedoms from all people. Once they learned the man is Nordic, the media ran with it before learning anything else.

There is no doubt that there are many people in this country who share a marked hatred of people based on race, religion, and country of origin. Many use Christianity as a front. But in Loughner’s case, he was a loner who had severe psychological dysfunction. From what we know about Breivik so far, he is the same kind of character. He even uses similar language (in a newly discovered manifesto) as the Unabomber, who was a Left wing nut job if ever there was one.

More than anything, we need to understand that people who resort to violence to make statements or advance any political or theological cause, are no different from anyone else who is a murderous thug. When we get down to it, it is this point that we come to realize there is no right wing or left wing….only sick twisted hate-filled bastards, who have no respect for human life. And if we really want to keep score, then we are part of the problem.



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8 responses to “Analyzing The Norway Terrorist Attack

  1. Let’s not beat around the bush–this is bad for conservatives all over the western world. If you think they overdid the McVeigh references this will be worse.

    You explained the difference between ‘fundamental’ Christianity and Islam better than I could. It’s not the same. To call this guy a ‘fundamentalist’ is a slam on Christianity–the NY Times and all the others should know it but they want to leave it confusing because it helps their team. And the Muslims will be using this act to justify future attacks or grievances, or ushering in of Sharia, etc. Not good.

    • //And the Muslims will be using this act to justify future attacks or grievances, or ushering in of Sharia, etc. Not good.//

      No, it’s not good at all. Despite the fact that (as best we know) he didn’t kill Muslims, they will use it to their advantage in propaganda and justification for future actions.

      This is what I said a long time ago when the PC left wing socialists were shoving stuff down everyone’s throats: Fascism is the natural response to socialism. Actions beget reactions. It’s not a justification for this, but it is a fact that we cannot escape.

  2. Catherine Barry

    Mr. Sunset, you are of course, quite correct. The one think I noted this morning, is some of the common sense folks have gained access to this nut job’s “manifesto”. He carries on about Muslims and ALL immigrants… but there is not one single reference to God or Christ! The NY Times isn’t fit to wrap fish guts in these days. I remember when the nut job shot the abortion doctor in church… all liberals pointed to “fundamentalist Christians” to be ther problem. When it comes to totally foolish notions and unfounded lies, no one beats the far left.

  3. Catherine Barry

    Yes, but I never put my hard earned cash in the pockets of idiots. I’ll just buy the puppy “training pads” at Pet Smart thank you very much. LOL!

  4. BTW, he does write about Christianity and Jesus in the manifesto, clearly identifying himself as a convenient Christian in name only, and admitted to slamming people for believing as ‘weak’. Guess the NY Times didn’t have enough reporters on staff to actually read the document before labeling him a Christian “fundamentalist”. They have become dangerous hacks.

    • //Guess the NY Times didn’t have enough reporters on staff to actually read the document before labeling him a Christian “fundamentalist”.//

      But they do have MSNBC to provide sound bites to them.

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