Making Sense Of The Debt Ceiling Debate: Stopping The Madness

As an amateur citizen journalist, I do not have an enormous amount of time to study every detail of what is going on in the government in most issues… or in this case, the so-called “debt ceiling crisis”. I have a life and commitments that transcend politics. I, by way of consent, have delegated these responsibilities to my Congressman, to act in my behalf so I can pursue things that are in my interests and those who I serve at the level I give service to.

We all serve someone in some capacity or another, even someone serves their own self… by being a lazy-ass waiting for some check to come for producing nothing. These people, who do this very thing, I classify as passive servants. People like me get up everyday and produce a product or a service that someone needs or wants and is willing to buy, are what I call active servants. (I exclude retirees who have paid their dues and good housewives who actually run household affairs for their families. They were/are not passive self-servants, but active contributors.)

As it stands right now, there isn’t much going on at the state and local level where I live. But there is much being debated at the national level and I know how my Congressman Todd Rokita is voting on bills. I am watching him closely and from what I have seen, he is doing far better than others I read about. I am not in lock step with him on every last issue, but I am not dissatisfied with him either. He was elected as part of the present Freshman GOP class and has not disappointed me enough to blast him in a blog post yet.

Despite my level of commitment to what I must do, I have felt compelled to keep my fingers on the pulse of the nation and stay abreast of what is going on in the nation’s capital. This is my duty and it is my right. I have a lot at stake, like most people who contribute to society.

From what I a seeing, I see a lot of posturing for the special interests that still have a grip on things. I see Obama (and the Democrats in Congress) moving the boundaries by changing demands every so often, so as to attempt to bring a schism upon the GOP. They are pitting the “Old Guard GOP” against the “Tea Party” wing, the one that was highly instrumental in electing Mr. Rokita to his present position. It’s not a bad strategy from a political point of view. But as it applies to the benefit of the country as a whole, it is contraindicated at this time.

Politics aside, there is something that many people are not considering as they do what I do on a daily basis. The system we are watching is based on a plutocracy, which means it is governed by the wealthy elite. The Democrats can talk all day about how they are against the rich corporations, organizations, special interests, and other entities. But they re beholden to a whole bunch of them, they are just different than the GOP. Most of the GOP will tell us how they want smaller government and are looking out for us too. Elect them and they will cut taxes, shrink government, make it easier for the little guy. Maybe they have the best intentions when they go to Washington, but once there they will cave in on things when liberals scream bloody murder.

Most of the eight years of the Bush Administration, he had a GOP Congress. Every time I turned around, the GOP were trying forge a deal with those in the minority because the minority made noise. Once the Dems became the majority, they heard the noise. They heard it in town hall meetings, in rallies… and yet, they ignored the will of those people. They counted them as racists and extremists. They compromised with no one. They rammed legislation through that was designed to grow government at an exponential rate, and it has.

Today, they want to raise the debt ceiling because they need to borrow more money for that non-existent stuff, programs that have not produced anything except more government jobs. They cannot function or pay the massive obligations they have already assumed in the two years of juggernaut government, so they need to borrow more.

Thankfully, there have been a few who have made this a spending issue and not gone along with the outlandish desires of those who got us into this mess. These people (who have stood their ground) are being demonized and labeled as extremists because they see folly and are working to correct it.

In some ways, this is to be expected from liberals because they are the ones who stand to lose the most. But even washed up RINOs are allowing those who made this mess to control the narrative by jumping on the labeling bandwagon.

John McCain campaigned for Sharron Angle against Harry Reid and this past week he ridiculed her in front of the camera, for all to see. Sarah Palin worked for him as a return political favor (this is where I lost my respect for her). She helped him win in a primary against the REAL Tea Party candidate, and yet, he demonized the very movement that she is an integral part of…..and turned on very the support he was trying to attract, to stay in the hunt. He, himself, lost to a nobody for President in 2008. He was soundly beaten by an empty suit, who had nothing worthwhile on his resume except a history of community agitation. And yet McCain has the gall to pigeon hole a massive populist movement that was initiated by normal people, as a bunch of nut cases?

All of this is happening because a few principled people want spending cuts to be a part of any deal to raise the debt ceiling. We have name calling, posturing, and overall generalized nastiness because the people who are paying taxes are wanting to limit the government from spending more than can be paid back in a reasonable period of time. We have Democratic hacks calling for the President to assume powers delegated to the Congress, to prevent what they call a default…all because he may not get the tax increases that will make no difference in closing the gap at all.

Raising taxes on the wealthy is useless. It does not raise nearly enough revenue to make any dent in the debt. And if you take a deduction away from a rich man, he will find another one. Then, the burden falls back the people who are already paying the bills, the middle class.

In the next election, I hope some good people who would otherwise not feel compelled to run for office, would seek it anyway. I hope that the ones who have organized these grass roots organizations that are calling for a return to common sense and reality can pony up and get involved, if only for a term or two. If my health wasn’t so compromised right now, I would. Even though I have already served government for a total of eight years at three different levels, I would. I would because my nation needs me. But I can’t.

There are many like me who are healthy and able to withstand a campaign. If you are one who happens to be in this category, please think about being the next Todd Rokita, Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio. Please get involved and help turn this around or the nation we all love will slip away, squarely into the hands of those who will wreck it further. The debt ceiling is but a fractional tip of the iceberg. This will involve more votes like this down the road and the madness that has been made manifest will once again threaten the solvency of this great nation, if it isn’t stopped.

Our goal in in 2010 was to stop the bleeding. Our goal in 2012 is to elect leaders who will begin the healing process. Healing takes time, but it has to start somewhere.



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6 responses to “Making Sense Of The Debt Ceiling Debate: Stopping The Madness

  1. A great article. I have been following this very closely and I’ve gotten to the point I get nauseated when I see Obama, Boehner, et al take to the microphone. It’s disgusting and insulting to the American people what these politicians are doing. This so-called compromise that is “close” this Sunday morning, will be everything Obama wants. The Republicans do not need to cave, but cave they will.

    • Debbie,

      It won’t be everything he wants. He wants unbridled authority to raise the debt limit with nothing in return and the authority to keep spending like he has. He’s not getting that much leeway. But he’s getting more than he deserves.

      Next cycle is so important. We must get to work to get him fired and control of the Senate. Tea Partiers must learn from their mistakes and keep marching. With this vote, the fight is just beginning. Battles lost can eventually be won, if we hold onto our resolve and not surrender our spirits.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Catherine Barry

    Thanks Sunset, this is the most reasoned post I have read on this subject. The need to regain the Senate and retain the majority in the House, in my opinion is the most important issue, POTUS is second. I say this, not because we don’t need an experienced leader who will lead, but because if we have the Congress in total, Obama will be declawed and progress will be made. I think the Marxist in the White House is going down along with the House of Cards he’s been “playing with”, but in the event he rallies, I want it to be nothing but a frustrating, miserable 4 years and that is what I’m willing to work toward. May God bless us with the tools to re-establish the Founder’s vision, but if not, may He give us control of Congress and the ability to fight for what’s right.

    • CB,

      I would love nothing more than to have a super majority in the Senate and have a new President, to go with the House majority. This time, we cut, cut, cut, no matter how loud they get.. None of this cuts in three years stuff either.

      They spent now, we can cut now.

  3. Rocket

    Why do I get the feeling that any debt deal will just be in reality spit and bubble gum and the whole issue will pop up again very soon.

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