Senator Marco Rubio Shows The Characteristics Of Statesmanship

I have two senators from my state that I pretty much deem to be worthless. Dick Lugar and Dan Coats are both RINOs and have been part of the “Old Guard” GOP establishment for far too long. Lugar has been in the Senate since 1977, that’s 34 years. That’s about 20 years too long in my book and it’s time he retire. Coats left the Senate to become a lobbyist, but came out of retirement because the GOP establishment talked him into it. They could not stand the notion that John Hostetler (a real conservative maverick, not beholden to special interests or the GOP leadership) would likely take Evan Bayh’s seat after Bayh decided he would not run for re-election. Can’t have an independent thinker, can we?

The only reason I voted for these guys in recent years is, the alternative was a tax and spend liberal. The alternatives were far worse. But this year in the GOP primary, Lugar has a strong primary opponent who is raising money and awareness, and has lots of Tea Party support. His name is Richard Mourdock and I will be showcasing him later on in the cycle.

But oh how I wish I had a Senator like Marco Rubio, Florida’s freshman senator. This man has the early makings of a true statesman. And one only needs to take about 15 minutes of their valuable time, and listen to him address the Senate in the course of this debt ceiling debacle. This man has wisdom and intelligence beyond his years.

Of special interest is the way he handles two questions from Sen. John Kerry:

Don’t let his baby face fool you. He is 40 years old and was actually born in the U.S., and can prove it. Although it looks bleak now, if we can get more men and women like Mr. Rubio into elected national office, we might have a chance to save this republic……might.

Hat Tip for the video: Right Truth
Hat Tip for directing me to Right Truth: Fore Left
(Both are great blogs, check them out.)



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2 responses to “Senator Marco Rubio Shows The Characteristics Of Statesmanship

  1. It really was a fantastic display, especially the civil back and forth with Kerry (who only stood up to protect Obama and made things worse). Rubio gets it. Let’s hope he keeps it.

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