Debt Ceiling Compromise Passes: House Cheers, Taxpayer Jeers, Future Generation Tears

The House cheers as they voted to increase the debt limit. The Leftist media declares the Tea party won the battle, the VP labels them terrorists.

We should be happy that there will be spending cuts to save the fiscal solvency of the republic. But before we get too excited, let’s think about something. These are cuts that do not begin until 2014, more than enough time to wash them out with new spending. But the House cheers anyway, to make us all think that “we the American people” are the real winners here.

Tell this to the next baby born in your family. He/she won’t understand right away that he/she is on the hook for $46,000 at the present time, probably even more by the time this government gets done putting a home equity loan obligation on the Jefferson Memorial. But let’s cheer anyway because my generation’s deadbeats will not have to suffer anything, like our parents were forced to endure.

Never mind out parents had no choices in the matter with a major depression and WWII. They had to cut back on luxuries, no options. They lived a simpler life, that’s true enough. They had no need for new I-Pods/Pads, no need for a new I-Phone or Droid with over 200 apps. They had need of food, clothing, and shelter and if they were truly fortunate, they could catch a movie at the local Bijou for a nickel in the summer, after they had worked all day for it, cutting grass with a manual mower.

So to my peers and cohorts, my fellow baby boomers who want to live it up now and charge your kids and grandkids for it, you are an embarrassment and should feel ashamed of yourselves.

Not all of us in this age group are this way, some are smart enough to see this in the proper light. And, I am hoping a few more will wake up out of this error-induced fantasy. These are people who think the government can spend whatever they want, because government spending is not the same as household or business spending. I hear that from liberals at work almost everyday.

Another fallacy I hear is, with a population of 350 million people, we need a large government that spends a lot. Then they cite how the government sent them to college. Maybe some of them didn’t have to pay the government back or defaulted on their student loan, but some of us paid it back and are still paying for our kids. For that I can say I am grateful that the government was able to loan me the money, but I am paying for it…not the government.

What about all of the benefits that are going to illegals who have contributed nothing? What about the massive amounts of waste that goes unchecked? What about the massive amount of overlap in government agencies? What about the massive amounts of regulation that is causing business owners to go Galt? Where is that going to leave the next generation? What good will a college degree do, when there are no jobs? These are valid questions to be asked.

Better yet, let’s look at the last two years and ask about where all of the TARP and Stimulus money went. Did you see any of it? I didn’t.

Banks saw it. The number of foreclosures were not phased by the bailout money. The banks kept the money and foreclosed on people anyway. Fail.

The stimulus money went to special interests groups that got Obama elected, like unions. Any jobs come from that? Fail.

It also went to states that were facing bankruptcy, states that Obama carried in the election. Any jobs come from that other than a couple of road projects that employed union workers? Not where I live. Fail.

If we are living the lie to its fullest, let’s ask another question. Did the working poor get any of that money? You know who I mean, the ones that are working 2-3 jobs so they don’t have to depend on the government. Not that I saw. Fail.

The point is, I cannot get excited about this because the government is a massive failure on so many levels, and this deal is just another Washington smoke and mirrors act that will also fail. They tell us that everyone wins in this deal, but I contend that only the politicians win. Some lazy people who perceive that this will keep the gravy train rolling for a little while longer might see it as victory, but I don’t. I have to pay for it. I have to work my ass off for less. My pay may not go down and may even see a marginal raise now and then. But in the long run, that money will buy less with the way inflation is going.

One of the countless reasons I have no faith in government is illustrated in this story.

Joe Biden is a landlord to the Secret Service.

That’s right.

The Washington Times reports that Biden has collected $13,200 from the Secret Service since April to rent a cottage adjacent to his Wilmington, Del., home and continues to charge the agency rent. The Secret Service has agreed to pay $2,200 per month for use of the house in order to provide security to the Biden family, according to Edwin M. Donovan, special agent in charge at the Secret Service’s Office of Government and Public Affairs in Washington.

(By the way, that’s no discount on the rent–the Times reports that’s the amount paid by the previous tenant.)

If you want to see a real gravy train, just get elected to office and see how you can become a billionaire by ripping off the American people.



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2 responses to “Debt Ceiling Compromise Passes: House Cheers, Taxpayer Jeers, Future Generation Tears

  1. Z

    I wasn’t sure that Biden thing was true, but it appears to be. Amazing.
    I’m very worried about our ‘gutting’ the military at a time when an enemy so evil is lurking and our political correctness isn’t allowing us to fight sensibly and like we used to…remember Reagan said “WE win, THEY LOSE”….Today, it’s “We could win, but then, gee, somebody might lose, and that’s not nice” (grrr)
    I’ll be watching the defense spending and hoping they don’t do what I think they will do. The applicant for the Joint Chiefs was asked how bad it would be if they deleted HALF of what this new bill supposedly cuts, and he said something like “disaster”…..what a horrid feeling for all of us.
    “Everyone wins in this deal?” Are they KIDDING? Everyone/everything except our FUTURE.

    • // I wasn’t sure that Biden thing was true, but it appears to be. //

      True or not, it’s how the Dems and their lapdog media have portrayed the Tea Party from the beginning. Racist, extremist, ignorant, all of it. They lied and said they were spit on, they sent in union hacks to dress up as and act like white supremacists. Bottom line: They fear the Tea Party because they speak for mainstream America and are threatened by their very existence.

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