Is It Time To Rethink Afghanistan?

(Note–I wrote this essay knowing that some of my valued blog readers may fully disagree with me, and that’s okay. But I have been thinking about this subject matter for some time now and it is not without some careful thought, deliberation, and even a spot of trepidation that I came up with this post.)

As we absorb and mourn the loss of 31 of America’s finest individuals in Afghanistan, it appears it is time to do some deep soul searching about what we expect to get out of this war. Don’t get me wrong here, many who have read my writings over the years back at PYY know fully well that I have supported the U.S. efforts to defeat terrorists wherever they may hide. You also know that I do not make a practice of criticizing the efforts we are undertaking in military operations where troops are in harm’s way, due to the opportunity for enemies both at home and abroad to use these words as propaganda. But there always comes a point, when we must take a moral stand to do what is best for our country and for those who are taking the bullets for what we perceive to be the noble cause. They follow the orders, they have no voice but us.

In the beginning of the operation, not long after the WTC attack, we had a duty to go into Afghanistan to remove the Taliban from political power and make every effort to kill or capture the perpetrator of that heinous attack, Osama bin Ladin. Because of the sensitive nature of that mission, I limited my public online criticisms so as not to create the perception that Americans were not behind the effort. Most were, as was I. But privately I was concerned.

After the relative ease in which the cowards fled Kabul and slipped back into Pakistan, the objective was switched from removal from power to nation building. It was easy to slip into that mindset because we didn’t want a vacuum that would allow the bums back in, making our sacrifices there for nothing.

As we can recall from recent history, the Soviets unsuccessfully tried to build a socialist puppet nation there back in the 1980s with overwhelming brutal force. Now in hindsight, we realize the time to have built that nation was right after our aid to the Muhajadeen caused the Soviet forces to pack up and leave. As an analysis, we hailed it as the USSR’s Vietnam and called it even with them, from a military standpoint. But where we screwed up badly was by promising we would rebuild that country afterward and not doing it. They never forgot it and now we find ourselves in a bitter war for the hearts and minds of a nation that has never been accepting of western style culture or democracy. Iraq has been easier in a sense, because even though it is a Muslim country, Saddam was primarily a Stalinist secular leader. Only until he had quarrels with the U.S. did he employ the theological rationale as a cause to defend his regime.

Today, we have been forced to turn the focus back to Afghanistan because that is where the central fight has been moved after the Islamists failed to take over Iraq (up to this point). It is what Barack Obama said during the 2008 presidential campaign was the important war. And it is now the front where many of us who have been supportive of this effort from day one are now struggling, to see what the objective is. I have not condemned Obama for using drones in Pakistan, I am glad that Osama has been killed as a punishment for starting this war. But I now am struggling to find an objective and waiting for the Administration to outline one.

I am also waiting for Code Pink, who screamed bloody murder at the tops of their lungs during the Bush Administration, to come forward and do what they did then, to this Administration.  I am also waiting for the complicit Left Wing media to ask some tough questions of this President and lead the news with the same intensity and ferocity as they did when Bush was CIC.  Where is the principle in their ideology, if they do not do this?

If we do not ask these questions now and bring this up for reasonable debate, what will we expect to gain from continuing this fight? How many more soldiers can we expect to come home in bags, without a clear cut objective and the will to make every effort to meet it?

In June, the Administration foolishly announced to the world and the Taliban that we would be drawing down soon. We told them all and obviously didn’t expect that as a dangerous and capable enemy that they would capitalize on this. Common sense would usually dictate that if you want to draw down a force (for whatever reason), you would not announce it on the nightly news. If you had an ounce of brains at all, you would just do it quietly. methodically, and surely. But no one has ever been able to find any evidence of any brains in any part of Obama’s Administration, as is evidenced by the resumes of his cronies he hired.

Here we sit in the midst of a war that is draining the American coffers at a time when America already owes trillions of dollars and has been downgraded from AAA. We are eating up money that is yielding nothing in the way of resources that can help with our interests. There is nothing that says we cannot defend our nation from terror threats by winding this down.

Hell, the people there do not even appreciate what we are doing for them. Why should we keep draining the best people we could know and putting them into this position, when we have a Defense Department that has no plan to win and a President that will be more concerned with his own interests than that of the country.

So with all of this said now, I am prepared to look out for what I think is now best for my country. Time to stop sending our men and women into a meat grinder with no plane or strategy, or a will to win. And by saying these things, it means I am now saying openly that I think it is time to Rethink Afghanistan.

This does not mean that I am not supportive of killing terrorists before they kill us, this does not mean that I am against killing them where they live. This certainly does not mean that I support anti-military groups like Code Pink and the idiot Michael Moore. It means that either we rethink this thing to come up with a plan to get this thing on the right track where we have some real measurable results, or we get our asses back here and seal this nation up, defending it like it should be defended.

Rethinking does not necessarily mean withdraw now, it means to either defecate or get off of the pot. It means come up with something real and concrete…. it means making things happen, not just waiting for something to happen so we can act. It means win or come home.



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14 responses to “Is It Time To Rethink Afghanistan?

  1. I, for one, do not disagree with you. My father and brother (both liberals) and I were watching this on the news yesterday morning and we all came to the same conclusion – and you know I ain’t no liberal.

    We will not civilize this country. Our “friends” are working against us. I think the time has long come and gone for us to leave.

    I was of a thought from the beginning that we should have gone in, made a large statement, and left. Maybe leave nothing or the terrorists to come back to?

  2. Nunly

    IMO, we can and will not win this or any other war as long as politics plays a part in it. With Obama as our Commander-in-Chief, politics is all that matters to him. You said, But I now am struggling to find an objective and waiting for the Administration to outline one.” Well, you will wait a long time for nothing because this Administration doesn’t have an objective to win this war, only an objective to win back the Presidency.

    Think about it, Obama said that he was willing to negotiate and work with the “moderate Taliban” in order to defeat the “extremist” Taliban. That statement in itself showed how totally clueless Obama. In fact, a Taliban spokesman said that by making that statement, it was a sign of Obama’s weakness and that only secured and made stronger the resolve of the Taliban to rule Afghanistan.

    We can not change the culture of extremist Islam that is embedded in that part of the world, especially when we have a group of people like the Democrats who show respect and support groups like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

    This war will not end until we get a strong leader to run this country, one that will think of America first before his golf game or White House gala’s. If the downing of a helicopter filled with Navy Seals had happened under Bush (and believe me, I have never been a fan of his!), he would have come out immediately and made a strong statement that there would be retaliation for this act. Instead, today we hear in the news about his campaign bus tour. We have to face it, we have a man who does not love our country in the Oval Office and an electorate who is being swayed by MSM propaganda.

    We cannot win a war when we have leaders who don’t respect our troops or our military leaders. Obama has replaced our military leaders with political hacks. This war won’t end while Obama is President unless he thinks it will give him a bump in the polls. And until the Republican party gives us a viable candidate to beat Obama, we can count on being in the Middle East trying to win the hearts and minds of terrorists as we lose our finest in battle.

    Sorry for the rant….it just sickens me to see our military treated like fodder by Obama.

    • //Think about it, Obama said that he was willing to negotiate and work with the “moderate Taliban” in order to defeat the “extremist” Taliban.//

      Bingo….I was not aware there was such a thing. And if there was, I would think talks would have been played up by the media by now.

      It isn’t true. There is no moderate Taliban, the adjective and the noun are not in agreement….. therefore, this is a lie.

  3. I think everyone is sympathetic to your plea, the question is can we live with the consequences of defeat? Because that’s how it will be spun as soon as we’re gone. According to some stories we are already drawing down forces in that area now, which could have been exploited by the Taliban in this event.

    Bin Laden claimed that his goal was to drain our treasury just like he did to the Soviets. Obviously that is happening to us now, despite what many want to believe. We are losing the WoT, and if we lose Afghanistan, Iraq and other areas may follow.

    There are just no good options.

    • You are right, AC. There are no good options. But we are going have to pick the one that causes the least amount of damage to the nation. If we pull out, we save lives, we save money. We lose standing, but we already have lost that.

      Let the bastards have their rock pile. Let the people choose enslavement, if they wish. We need to rebuild this nation and its economy, or we are done before we know it.

  4. Nunly

    Here is a link to Obama’s past plans to work with “moderate Taliban”.

    There are no “moderate” Taliban, just as there is no such thing as a “moderate” terrorist, IMO. Of course, the MSM buried most of this story because it received such negative press as soon as it was announced.

    • I remember this story, somewhere in the foreign press. Didn’t get much traction here naturally. Two months later he ordered OBL killed. That’s fine, I am not going to criticize that at all. But you cannot have it both ways. Once you do something like that, they see it as game on and we must be prepared for retaliation.

      I want to know why we even trust the Afghan forces so much that we allow them on super elite missions like this. You know one of them leaked to the Taliban that this chopper was full of Seals.

  5. Nunly

    LA- Regarding the killing of Osama….I have the feeling, and of course this is just my own opinion, that Obama had no choice but to order the raid on Osama and his killing. I can’t help but wonder if the military experts found him and when Obama balked at actually having the guy killed, that they threatened to make it public. Considering that the death of Osama was so big, Obama didn’t capitalize on it as much as I thought he would land when he did try, the story continued to change–a sure sign that he was lying about his role in the decision to actually go in and take out Osama. Think about it..Obama is a narcissist, classic case…wouldn’t he be shouting this “victory” from the roof-tops and expounding on it in every single speech?

    I agree, why in the world are we trusting the Afghan army…or the Pakistan’s for that matter, when it comes to security? I would think that they would give them different information than the real mission, just to be on the safe side, so no tip-offs can be made. Where’s the Intelligence that we used to have?

    • //Considering that the death of Osama was so big, Obama didn’t capitalize on it as much as I thought he would land when he did try, the story continued to change–a sure sign that he was lying about his role in the decision to actually go in and take out Osama. //

      I hear that Hollywood is making a movie about the mission to be released right before the General Election next year. What’ll you bet it shows a strong decisive Pres. Obama making hard decisions for the good of the nation. Free advertising courtesy of Hellywood. (Gag!!!)

  6. Yeah, remember that blockbuster movie about Bush getting KSM and Saddam? You’d think Hollywood would have been onboard with the propaganda considering how the Islamic fanatics treat women and homosexuals–and entertainment. Yet they helped them.

    • They made on about Bush with josh Brolin playing, didn’t they? I didn’t see it because I figured they would focus on his “National Guard” years and when he was still drinking.

      Hellywood has never been kind to conservatives.

  7. Mary Ellen (Nunly)

    I know the perfect guy to play Obama….

    • LMAO. Kevin Jackson of the BlackSphere once portrayed him as Urkel. And you know? The resemblance is reamarkable when you take the time to study it, even though I think urkel would make a better POTUS.

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