Chemo: Day One

To my regular readers who know about my health plight, I start take my first Bendamustine and Rituximab IV cocktail today followed by another one tomorrow. It is true that chemo drugs are poison on a good day, but they are a needed medicine at this point. The case can be made that all medications are poison when taken in certain quantities. Even Tylenol can be considered poison, as it is not a naturally occurring substance in the body.

The way I am looking at it is, my quest to get better begins today. More than anything, I must endure the boredom of sitting in a cancer center for the biggest part of the day, while I am infused with these two chemicals that will stop my body from making too many lymphocytes. So, if you think about it at some point today, mutter a couple of words to the Big Man Upstairs in my behalf and think about me while I sit around and read the Federalist Papers for entertainment.



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12 responses to “Chemo: Day One

  1. Nunly

    Prayers are on their way! Good luck!

    • Thank you Nunly. They worked. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared. It was so-so, the drugs they gave me to keep me from reacting to the chemo were at war with each other. one made me sleepy the othe rm made me jumpy.

      I am very tired and am getting some intermittent sweats, but no nausea as of yet.

      But, I gotta do it again tomorrow.

  2. LA keep your chin up, we need your help restoring this country from the mess Hussein has gotten us into.

    Definitely take something to read, most of the mags in places like that were printed on the original Gutenberg press.

  3. Nunly

    Glad to hear it wasn’t too bad, but I know that it gets more difficult as it goes along. Hang in there, I’ll remember you in my prayers again this evening. Try to find a book that will make you laugh…laughter is the best medicine, ya know!

  4. Hang tough LA. People are praying and hoping and that’s the best we can get in this world. Just be careful letting the docs and nurses know who you are…that ole Reagan hospital joke comes to mind..

  5. Z

    You’re in my prayers, L.A………God bless you and keep you. xx

  6. Thank you Z. He does and He will.

  7. Rocket


    Just read about your plight and I am hoping that everything will work out for the best. Remain positive and lots of support from friends and family and eat healthy.

  8. Thanks Rocket. I have many good people around me, one of the best doctors in her field, and a will to fight through anything worth fighting for.

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