Progress Report

By now all of the regulars know of my plight. But I want to take a moment and update you on my progress.

Last weekend I began spiking fevers. It had been a week since the treatments, so naturally we were concerned. I spiked them every night for 4-5 days, one got as high as 101.6.

A normal White Blood Cell count is (in thousands) 4-10 and 25-35% of those are normally Lymphocytes. Before my treatments, my WBC were 82 and 79% of those were Lymphocytes.

Now, after just one round of treatments, my WBC are down to 9, well within the normal range. The differential is 18% Lymphocytes. What this means is there has been a lot of cell killing going on and fevers are a natural outcome of that action. Knowing that the fevers were not a result of immunosuppressive infections, the doctor has given me her blessing to take Tylenol to keep the fevers broken up. And it has worked. I am sweating a lot, but that is to be expected and certainly preferable to chills and malaise.

Since we had made such great progress with this, naturally I asked if the rest of the treatments were necessary. The doctor laughed and got me scheduled for the next round next month. She’s pretty good.

So to all of you who have had a thought, a prayer, or said an encouraging word or two, I say thank you very much. I am feeling better for now, and hopeful that with the bulk of the bad cells killed off, the reactions to the next treatments will be less severe.



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4 responses to “Progress Report

  1. Here’s hoping the progress continues

  2. May this progress continue for you, LA!

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