Government Tonic

The word on the street is that Food Stamps are good for the economy. So naturally, we should all celebrate the fact that we now give more out than in any other time in our history. Just listen to the promotional effort being put out by the Secretary of Agriculture:

Wow. I am impressed. This has to be one of the greatest sales pitches since the snake oil days.

Give a man a food stamp, he buys a product that has to be grown, processed, packaged, shipped, and finally stocked on the shelf. Step right up and get yours now. For every dollar we spend on this, it generates $1.73. Why wait? The line forms here.

the sad thing is, usage is reportedly at an all-time high with 1 in 7 people relying on them. Of course we all know that at the root of all this there must be a Harvard study.

It is interesting to know that the objective of Food Stamps appears to have evolved from assistance to feed the hungry, to job creation. But maybe that’s the hidden beauty in it all. This little bottle of tonic right here will kill two birds with one stone, creating jobs AND eliminating hunger. You cannot afford not to have it.

But wait, let’s look at the results:

Unemployment in July was 9.1%, down from 9.2% in June. Not sure, we can call this success just yet. It’s been hovering in the 9s for quite awhile now and that evil George Bush caused it all. Had he given out massive amounts of food stamps in his presidency, we no doubt could be down in the 8% range by now.

Since the government has an affinity for studies, maybe this one will resonate within their hallowed halls.

A study released this week found that 22 percent of children in Central Indiana, just more than one in five, are at risk of hunger.

From what we know about the job situation and now the problems that are outlined in this article about hunger, it is increasingly apparent that there is never enough to go around. All of these Food Stamps going out and people are still hungry.

The more the government promotes this kind of thing, the more demand it creates because it is a Ponzi scheme. There is no $1.73 for every $1 spent. There are no jobs created with Food Stamps. They just keep promoting this so that people will want to sit on their asses and not work. They just keep people dependent, by promoting government regulations that are designed to kill confidence in the business sector. With no confidence, no business can feel good about assuming the risk of creating jobs. But do not worry your little hearts, this little bottle of tonic will take away all of your problems.



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6 responses to “Government Tonic

  1. What logic, huh?

    The Nanny State groweth and groweth, with Orwell’s Ministry of Truth leading the way.

  2. Z

    this concept is THE sickest, MOST UnAmerican thing I’ve probably ever heard………are they KIDDING ME? I could only listen to half of the video! And THESE minds are leading our country? MAN oh man.

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