Congressional Black Caucus Declares War On TEA Party

As is the case with most Democrats, civil discourse is a one way street. Take a listen to the CBC’s idea of toning down the rhetoric in American politics:

When the TEA Party uses metaphors, the CBC does not. They use rabid, violent, and deliberately provocative rhetoric, as well as the race card, to demonize people who disagree with their policies. They are showing their widespread desperation to keep good black folks on the plantation, which is under the control of the Democratic Party.

What many blacks today do not know is that the GOP was the party that freed the slaves. They also do not know that the Dems did more to fight the abolishment of Jim Crow, and they damn sure do not realize that MLK was a Republican.

They care nothing for blacks as successful citizens, only as votes. Poor blacks in need translate to votes for assholes like you hear in the video, so naturally they will do everything they can to keep blacks down.

The sad thing in all of this is the promoters of white guilt, the white limousine liberals who propagate this garbage, have the CBC under THEIR control. The CBC members are the new House Negroes who keep the rest of black people down, so the rich limousine liberals can stay in power. And as a reward, they draw up gerrymandered districts to keep the CBC in office for life so they can spew their racist hatred.

In contrast, the TEA Party advocates equal opportunity for all people, regardless of color, religion, or national origin. And that is the thing that the CBC fears the most, more black TEA Partiers are coming forward to denounce the actions of the vile and racist CBC membership.



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9 responses to “Congressional Black Caucus Declares War On TEA Party

  1. I think all “black” Americans should be disgusted with this group of dirt bags, as Rep Allen West is becoming. They do not represent “blacks” in America, they only represent progressives and socialists. They care nothing for the middle class and working poor of America, they only care about using their skin color to get elected.

    God bless Allen West, we need a couple hundred more like him.

    • They have been singing this song and selling this bill of goods for years and still, people are as poor as ever. Nothing changes except people become more dependent.

      The strategy is not designed to help anyone except for the corrupt politicians who are buying their votes.

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  3. West is making a lot of noise. This could actually backfire on the CBC

  4. Maybe designed to get the Democrat black voters to remain ticked off enough so they go to the polls next year. They aren’t going to change very many indy voter minds if the economy remains in the dumper.

    • I think you are right. But it’s going to be a tough order to fill, to get blacks to the polls when their unemployment rate is twice as high as the national average and there is a black president. Some of them are quite angry about that, but rather than turn on Obama, they keep pounding those who are trying to get the economy rolling again so all unemployment can go back down. Any wonder why people are cynical where politicians are concerned?

  5. Rocket

    Is the caucus or cock..ass?

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