Unemployment Remains Unchanged–No Jobs Added In August

The AP reports on this story here. The thing that is so interesting in every story that will cover this unsurprising tale is, all news media outlets keep saying that we are at risk of another recession if these numbers do not improve.

Once and for all, this recession never ended. It is the never-ending recession and will remain such until the recession maintaining president is voted out of office.

The amount of damage done by Obama and the previous Congress is unsurpassed by any other President in history. Never before has any President and Congress added so much debt in such a short period of time, and yielded so little in return. $535 million of federal money was loaned to Solyndra, some of it stimulus money, and it was supposed to create 4,000 news jobs–per Obama.

It hasn’t.

One half a billion dollars has now been thrown away into a black hole, because the company is now filing for bankruptcy. What was once touted as a game changer is now a massive failure, one of many this administration has been involved with. Everything this inept bunch of people touches, turns to nothing. I would have said dirt or crap, but even those two substances have a measurable value far greater than anything the Obama Administration has created.

So to the lurkers who lurk here from time to time, those who sing this man’s praises ad nauseum, please tell us all now how great he is one more time. Tell us all about hope, change, and how everything is Bush’s fault. Just do it one more time for the record. Comments are open.


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