Another Blast From The Past

One of my good friends from back in our Army days is a very intelligent man. He reads a lot, thinks about what he reads, and uses the information to make him smarter in a functional way (not just to be knowledgeable for knowledge’s sake). You would never catch him at a dinner party where everyone was trying to prove he/she is the smartest one in the room (or knew someone smarter than anyone else in the room). He’s the kind of guy who can read three newspapers from cover to cover and all of it would soak in.

He also loves music as much as I do and is very up on the music that most of our generation grew up on. Not much gets past him as far as this goes either, especially when it involves the Beatles.

I posted this week’s featured song on Facebook yesterday and to my shock, he made a comment that he had NEVER heard this tune before. It was just one of those silly songs that had no real meaning.

Lyrically, it was not what we could expect from this musical institution. But it has four distinctive parts blended together, featuring four different musical styles using the same lyrics. It was never on an album, but was on the B-Side of the 45 rpm single Let It Be.

Take a listen and see if you remember it:



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