Happy Socialist Union Thug Day

It used to be Labor Day, but the union thugocracy has hijacked it and made it into a political statement. Don’t get me wrong here. Labor is a valuable entity which no corporation, no company, or no business can do without. Since the beginning of private enterprise, people have been hired to perform work that the owner of the enterprise did not have time to do. When the enterprise is successful and grows at a healthy rate it creates the need for more people to be hired to perform more work.

But now, some people would have us believe that labor is the only entity that makes or breaks a company and that it is more valuable than the person who risked his/her own hard-earned money to change a dream into reality, and a reality into a job creating empire. These are the same people who think that ownership and profits are bad things, and that anyone can run a company. They are not the ones who are well-versed in history or they would know that workers once took over factories by thug force in pre-Mussolini Italy, and later caused them to close because they were too business ignorant to know what the hell they were doing.

We essentially just watched this in the case of GM. The government basically took the company from the rightful owners and gave it to the unions, who claim to have the workers’ best interests at heart. They heavily subsidized it with tax money, and made it appear to be a bailout. But when we study it closely, we see that it wasn’t much different than the workers’ takeovers of the Italian factories, except the government enabled the entire affair.

Back in 1948, someone recognized the danger of government takeovers of means of production similar to what we witnessed in the GM debacle. They made this cartoon and it certainly has as much meaning today as it did back then:

Watch it and let it sink in, because it is not just a fantasy anymore. It’s quickly becoming a reality.

So enjoy your extra day off, while the unions plot a way to gangster their next way into our tried and true private enterprise system with Barack Obama and his big labor Democratic friends enabling them, every step of the way.


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