Rick Perry: Social Security Is A Ponzi Scheme

Since the moment Rick Perry shot to the top of the GOP presidential candidate polls, liberals and progressives have been digging for any possible dirt they can find on him to shut down any momentum he could build. I am sure there is more to come, more information to skew and twist, more people to scare. It is just beginning.

Here is a biased piece published by the biased news organization known as the Associated Press.

The AP is supposed to be a news organization, but as we all know that doesn’t stop them from slanting things towards a liberal bias, and against anyone who might be perceived as a threat to the progressive ideology. In this piece, the topic is Perry’s book “Fed Up”.

Speaking of Social Security, here is a brief excerpt that I would like to highlight from this article:

Perry, who’s shot to the top of many public opinion polls among the GOP contenders, hasn’t shied away from bashing Social Security. Last month in Iowa, he said the program “is a Ponzi scheme for these young people.” Later, he told reporters, “I haven’t backed off anything in my book. So read the book again and get it right.”

This will likely show up in liberal talking points everywhere by the middle of the week, along with this faulty analysis:

While skewering the program might help Perry with tea party supporters, it could cost him with elderly voters in Florida and other important states were he to win the nomination, said GOP strategist Ford O’Connell.

Mr. O’Connell may get it right most of the time on policy, but I cannot see that his strategy is a wise one in this case.

Social Security is a ponzi scheme. There is no money in the bank or in a trust fund that has any of our names on it. It depends entirely on the current workforce paying into the system to cover the bill. Everyone who is being paid now, depends on those who are currently working to pay. That’s a ponzi scheme, it is nothing different than what Bernie Madoff dreamed up and executed until it all caught up with him. NOTHING different, except it is being run by the federal government. No lies told by Perry here, only truth.

What Perry (and all candidates who truly believe this is the case) needs to do is make sure he is crystal clear that no seniors who are currently retired will be affected, nor will those who are nearing retirement. The Left Wing fear machine is going to use every scare tactic available to cause seniors to worry needlessly about their incomes and how they are going to live. It is up to the GOP to clarify that this is not the case.

The other thing that needs to be communicated in this debate is something that has not been discussed enough in the debate. The people who will be affected are the ones who are now footing the bill. They will be paying a larger portion of their wages to cover the growing sector of “baby boomers” now set to retire, over the next several years. This is something that must be addressed, because it will get harder to explain to young people paying larger portions of their paychecks to something they may never see.

The time for fear is over, for it has historically been used by many politicians in both parties in place of solutions-oriented debate. The time for straight honest talk is now, while there is still time to generate a solution to a very real problem. And if it is a ponzi scheme, let’s treat as such and start to work on a solution so we do not have to stop payments to a generation who paid into it for many years, only to be told it isn’t there anymore. And before we decide to stop those payments, we need to tighten up all funding going to illegal immigrants who pay nothing into the system and cut off welfare for people who are capable of working.

Before we do any of this, we need to get people working again and paying into the system. We cannot do this with an administration with anti-business policies designed to kill innovation and economic growth. The time for complaining is over, it’s time to get to work and stop letting these social engineers from destroying everything else that has not already been leveled. This next election will not be a game, it’s for real because the problems we face are not going away by acting if nothing is wrong. If we cannot get this through our heads now, get ready for the collapse of once was a strong American republic.

Stop letting an idiot saturated media from controlling the narrative.



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4 responses to “Rick Perry: Social Security Is A Ponzi Scheme

  1. I was talking to my brother one day about social security and how it is being bled dry by people it is not intended for (alcoholics and drugs addicts who are “disabled”, children and young adults with absurd medical maladies). He agreed that we need to reform it to save it. Just a few minutes later he was laying into Paul Ryan for wanting to reform the program.

    The left does not care about entitlements other than a) how they can use them to keep the sheep voting for them and b) to attack the GOP with.

    As to the strategy of attacking Perry, I think it may be a flawed strategy for two reasons.

    -It is too early. I have always thought the voting public has a short term memory and in fact most people are not even paying attention yet. If they get all of this out now, it will be old news next year.

    -Perry will fight back. He is not a John McCain Republican that will shy away from attacks. Obama and the Dems are vulnerable on some of these issues. In the past they could make hay on them and that would be it. Perry may actually be willing to fight back.

    • We will see how he responds when he gets cold-cocked by someone who is moderating a debate. I agree with you, I think he’s just scrappy enough to put up a fight. If he wins the nomination, we know that Obama is going to punch hard. He is the one guy that I think can counter punch with some real substance.

      I don’t think he’ll backtrack much from what he says. He just has to watch how he says things, because you know he will be crucified for every metaphor he uses.

      • This is why I like Perry. He is not perfect and there may be things that come out that I will disagree with. We will not get a perfect candidate, they may not even exist.

        We need to win next year. Winning is going to take someone willing to fight back. Too many times GOP candidates run to the nearest corner and piss their pants when attacked.

        Being able to fight back and actually articulate a message is the only way we will win, we need to stop letting the media and the rest of the left define us.

        Letting Obama stay another 4 years is not an option.

      • I am watching Perry closely. At this point, many others are too. He’s got Mitt on the ropes.

        You can’t tell Bachmann ever won a straw poll, what little momentum she ever had is gone. The rest are just in it for show.

        Perry is a very serious candidate and highly capable of beating Obama soundly.

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