Once again, I know you all understand but, I haven’t been up to posting due to the effects of my last treatment.

This one landed me in the hospital last week. Heart rate was 120s-130s, systolic (upper number) BP was in the 80s, and I couldn’t breathe. After my release, I had one more IV bag to infuse on Friday. On my way home from that one, I broke out into a head-to-toe rash, extreme nausea, and spiked a 101.6 degree temp. And I haven’t been the same since.

Those who have known me for years and have seen my work ethic know well and good that I have never been one to miss work, unless it is a scheduled absence. But this week I have missed two days, today is my day off anyway. Excellent attendance will forgive a multitude of sins, not that I look to commit any.

The good news is I am finally starting to feel a little better and hope I can get some posts together soon. It may be hard because I only have one on the roughest of drafts and will need to get back to work tomorrow. But luckily I depend on no income from this.

Thanks for looking in and thanks for all of your thoughts, encouragements, and prayers. I appreciate all of my regulars, as well as those who just somehow find themselves here based on a topical search.

HOOOO Rah!!!



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5 responses to “Notice

  1. You post when you can, life comes first.

    Hang in there friend

  2. How well I know sir.

    I’m still here.

  3. Slacker. I’m reporting you to Attackwatch on general principle.

  4. Late getting here. The classes I teach resumed on September 13, and I’ve been swamped!

    Sorry to read of so many health difficulties you’re having, LA.

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