An Intelligent Insight To George W. Bush

The American Scholar has an absolutely intriguing article about George W. Bush written by Walt Harrington, a former Washington Post journalist, author, and currently a journalism professor at the University of (the People’s Republic of) Illinois…….(Click here to read it.)

It is a very fair, open, and honest piece. But the intriguing part of this article is that it is not written by a Bush sycophant.

The writer deeply admires and respects Mr. Bush, even though he is a Democrat who openly admits that he did not even vote for the man. He has known GWB, GHWB, and their family for 25 years, and he has definitely earned all of their respect through his writings and conversations in spite of their political differences.

This is packed with brilliant insights to the man, who many thought to be an idiot of the highest magnitude and was demonized like he was the son of Satan. The most profound part of the entire article was one sentence that sums up the mindset of the author very succinctly:

“It baffles me that grown people must convince themselves that those with whom they disagree are stupid or malevolent.”

This is something that we have seen in the U.S. political scene ad nauseum, since the moment we saw that Al Gore lost the election of 2000. Gore’s supporters turned the hateful rhetoric up several notches after losing that one, probably with the blessing of Mr. Gore. At every turn during the first GWB term every effort was made to de-legitimize the election through the vilest of speech and prose, worthy of those who still spend recesses on a playground.

It is lengthy, so make sure you have a few minutes to devote to it. How refreshing it is to see what a fair minded Democrat can do, though many of us may disagree with his political stances. It just shows that history will likely be far kinder to GWB than many of his contemporaries were when he was in office.

Give it a look.

(Hat Tip: IHTM 2.0)



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3 responses to “An Intelligent Insight To George W. Bush

  1. I have no shame in admitting I am a supporter of Bush. He made some mistakes, he was human. He had class, he cared deeply for the men and women of uniform, and he quietly left office (unlike Clinton and Carter). He was, simply, a good man.

    • pickles

      I agree…..he was brought up with a touch of goodness……with a mom like Barbara, he had to be a good man and his dad was a nice person too. Good people!

  2. I don’t think Clinton was nearly as vocal as Carter has been.

    At one point during the Bush term, Clinton was asked about Bush in a way that was hostile and set Clinton up with a golden opportunity to pile on, but he didn’t do it.

    Carter, on the other hand, has spent a lot of time answering questions no one has asked him.

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