Rick Perry And Israel

As we watched the special election unfold in NYC last week, we have all come to realize that Jewish voters are starting to realize that Obama does not have their interests at heart. From the moment Obama came out with the 1967 boundaries as a starting point for negotiations, they knew.

GOP Republican candidate Rick Perry has made the effort to capitalize on this gap of trust that has developed and seems to be widening almost daily with a speech in New York City, as the world is watching to see what the United Nations will do about the petition to implement a Palestinian state. The text of the speech can be found here.

Perry has been out on the leading edge when the subject is Israel, where the other GOP candidates have dropped the ball. The Perry campaign has been smart enough to see where there is an opportunity to win some support. The other candidates have been trying to out demagogue each other, Bachmann is wading into medical conspiracy theories, Ron Paul is in space somewhere seeking  a fellowship with aliens, and Romney is tagging along with his own statement.

Perry is leading, Romney is following, that should be your sign.

Obama’s Middle East leadership has been pathetic, to say the least. You can call it ineptitude or a some diabolical plot to win Arab and Muslim support. But whatever you choose to call it, it is inconsistent.

Since he has been in office, we watched the Obama Administration let a valuable moment slip away in the Iranian uprising, while we watched them make a stand in the Arab Spring movements. All the while, we watched the President alienate the Israelis at every opportunity available. No one can really say what the hell is going in their heads, these days. They probably don’t even know until they meet that day to discuss the next day’s talking points.

They wait for events to come to them and then they mismanage them, rather than be proactive and think ahead. They are not the kind of leaders we need in such a volatile world, and they need to be replaced.

There is much to be determined in this upcoming race. One thing we know is Obama has got to be defeated and we must not settle for just anyone to beat him. I think just about any of the GOP candidates can beat him, but we must make sure that we have the right person, not just a warm body….because once we buy it, it’s ours for four years. From what I am seeing early on, Perry is the only one with the leadership skills to stay out on the forefront of issues.

This is not an endorsement, this is just an observation. We have a long way to go before the voting begins.

Until that time, we can watch and observe to our hearts’ content without committing. But we can like what we see and say it , when we do.



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5 responses to “Rick Perry And Israel

  1. I think he has done irreparable harm to the Jewish vote.

    I had another thought today. Obama has been bragging that he is deporting more illegals than Bush. Turns out it’s technically wrong but, then, what isn’t with him.

    I wonder if this could backfire on him with Hispanics? Especially if Rubio were on the GOP ticket.

  2. Obama has really boxed the West in with his reach-out-to-Islamic countries push. **sigh**

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