More MSNBC Media Incompetence With Chris Jansing

More evidence that MSNBC is scraping the bottom of the barrel for on-air personalities can be found in this interview conducted by Chris Jansing:

Yes, that’s right. Who is Chris Jansing?

I cannot tell you either. But we do know why no one knows her. She has no interviewing skills, she has no knowledge of the topic she is being asked to cover with someone who knows much about it. Her objective was to smear Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) for making what she thinks is his income of $6 million per year, from a his chain of Subway restaurants and UPS outlets. But as the interview unfolds, we come to understand she doesn’t understand how small business works. And the sad thing is how YAHOO jumped on the opportunity to pile on, as if anyone there had a clue.

This is nothing new for MSNBC on-air personalities. Recall the recent Contessa Brewer interview where she challenges the academic credentials of Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), only to find he is very well schooled on economics. That was July 20, 2011. A little over a month later, she announced she was history as an anchor. One cannot wonder how long Jansing will last with the low ratings and a skill set that is thoroughly lacking in an underlying knowledge base of the topics she is being asked to cover.

This is why MSNBC is not respected anymore and why many people wholly believe that the media is complicit in advancing progressive propaganda that is favorable to Obama’s class warfare policies. Obama enters a stance into the public arena and MSNBC feels an obligation to assume the role of Administration mouthpiece, by doing whatever they can to bastardize everyone who disagrees with its policies. In this case, they felt the need to demonize someone who has created a job.

There is nothing wrong with tough interviews, as it is an important component of a free society to have the ability to hold politicians’ feet to the fire. But when the goal is to ambush a tank armed with only a toothpick, the goal often goes unmet and the interviewer looks like a fool in the process. In this case, it exposed a biased/weak agenda and shows why FOX is still soundly beating both CNN and MSNBC in the ratings, at times with both combined in the same time slot.



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2 responses to “More MSNBC Media Incompetence With Chris Jansing

  1. Years and years ago I actually used to watch MSNBC. In fact I was watching it for updates on the events following 9/11.

    Since then, I think it occurred about the time Bush came into office about the time of the 2004 campaign and really accelerated after Gore lost, they have lost all relevancy.

  2. I watched them way back when John Gibson was on there in the evenings. I think that was in the 90s, when Bubba was under fire for Monica.

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