A Confused Culture

Here is an inside view to the confusion that has settled into the minds of those who are seeking to occupy places in the name of social justice. Just listen and see if you can follow their pointless blather:

Did you hear the guy who said that it is perfectly acceptable to use force to maximize social justice? Just know they are the ones who are calling the TEA Party dangerous.

They may have been there for a variety of reasons but they did have one common theme. They look to the government they say is controlled by enormous wealth, to effect the changes they are wanting most. Very few of them see Obama as part of that machine, nor do they realize that they are being goaded into this action by the forces that put Obama into power. And those forces are loaded with money.



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4 responses to “A Confused Culture

  1. We have these idiots condoning violence, Rosanne Barr wanting beheadings. Where is MSNBC when you need them?

  2. Where are they? They are right there exacerbating it.

  3. In their heart these all all fascists. Same economic goals, same collectivist mentality and same methods of dealing with those that won’t comply with their demands.

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