Occupy Inc.

Many of those involved in Occupy Inc. have made their scenes over those “evil corporations” and their one-percenter management personnel’s salaries. Soros Inc. is the money and organization behind it all, he is a one-percenter. This movement has made every effort to divert attention from a certain percentage of those one-percenters, who are being singled out. Soros good-Koch bad is the simple version, but it’s more than this.

Special interests are the primary guiding forces in politics, have been for almost the entire history of the modern democratic era. Both political parties have them, they’re just different ones. The ones who are involved in Occupy Inc are made up of them.

There are four kinds of protesters who seem to be turning up in the NY gathering. All four have different purposes for being there:

1.Those back by unions.

SEIU is using money that was laundered to them, money that likely originated from stimulus funds. This is the Alinsky model of community agitation, get money from taxpayers and use it to promote their own interests. Use it for advertising and membership drives, and do it by creating agitation that gives the impression of a crisis. It’s nothing new, but it’s getting bolder and more brash.

2. Academia–both students and their academic leaders.

Some students get excused from class so they can show up at the protest site, probably even get extra credit. Getting the next generation involved in this kind of thing is important to keep the cause moving forward, whatever that cause may be at the time. It’ll die out eventually, until this group of newly influenced agitators get old enough to gain professorships and influence a new generation to do the same. The ones in tenure now are the ones who learned this, back in the 60s and 70s.

3. Homeless–Street people, who have something they can attend free and hope to get free stuff.

Hey, look what’s here. Sleeping these streets on any given night and hanging out in the open is usually pretty boring with the same old faces, same old mundane existences. NOW…we got a party on. Free stuff too, if you can find it. Listen to word of mouth and be where they say to be and they’ll take care of us. Never mind where it comes from, just take it, it’s ours.

4. Ordinary people who are sincerely frustrated.

There is a lady whom I have known for 13 years, worked with her for most of them. We love her dearly. She lost money in her 401K and she’s not happy. She spent a few hours at a satellite site locally because she felt it gave her an opportunity to vent her legitimate frustration. I believe there are others like her who just want to express her displeasure. But in many cases, the anger may be directed at the wrong people.

All of these people are there because they are being misdirected. Instead of the people who make money and create jobs, why not take a look at Washington and realize that the excessive regulation has put pressure on people who invest money in things that affect jobs and 401K returns? Why not look at who controls the strings and who the strings are attached to?

We can start with the President. If this had been Bush, we would have DC flooded with this kind of action. The special interests that he was beholden to would be listed in the NY Times, MSNBC, and other liberal media organizations, daily. We saw it with Halliburton and the oil industry the entire eight years of his presidency.

So who owns the current President? Too many to list. You can learn all you want from Open Secrets.Org. It is there we can learn that Goldman Sachs gave over a million dollars to Obama’s 2008 campaign. Of course it was not the company itself, but was collected from employees by their PAC. But they did lend their name to the PAC for a reason. We all know that Goldman Sachs was deep into the housing bubble. We all know they made money off of the fact that the bubble did burst. And we know they got TARP money that they were forced to pay back after they reported record profits shortly thereafter. With the massive holdings of this money swirl, it’s easy to see that this is part of the 1%.

Even Obama, as an individual, is part of the 1%. But yet, none of these protesters want to believe that Obama and his government are in the pockets of many one-percenters and is actively looking out for the interests of those he deems to be important. Some, like GE, even get sweetheart tax deals where they pay nothing. In this case, we have a CEO who is on Obama’s jobs council and a CEO who just send a whole division of his corporation to China, and the jobs that went with it. And nothing gets said by hardly anyone……including the media that romanticizes all of this.

The purpose of this movement is simple. It is to misdirect the anger of the disenfranchised, as well as the ones who benefit the most from their disillusionment. They want these people to blame capitalism and cause chaos, so there will be justification to punish those who benefit most from it. The ones who did not give money to Left Wing causes or Obama’s campaign are the targets. The ruse is set up to draw attention form the massive failings of the Obama Administration.

From the beginning of civilization some people have been able to acquire more than others. This will never change. In the days of the staunchest communist societies, there was a ruling class and a non-ruling class. In the USSR, there was the party membership, and those who did not belong. An oligarchy existed then, and it had all of the money and power there was to have. Bribery and extortion was prevalent. It encouraged laziness and non-productive behaviors, because there was no incentive.

I just cannot understand how people can allow themselves to be blind to what us right in front of their noses. Bailout money was given to huge banks who overextended credit to house buyers, and they kept foreclosing anyway. Money has been spotted to dummy companies like Solyndra, in essence transferring tax dollars to huge Obama donors. They are in that same one percent.

So to the protesters I say fine, protest all you want…. if you want. But know who you are rubbing elbows with and know who is bankrolling this entire thing. Know that behind all of these scenes is a a group of one-percenters who are using you in their war with the remaining one-percenters, the ones who aren’t going along with the Obama lie.



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12 responses to “Occupy Inc.

  1. Grego

    The protesters have one significant thing in common with the tea partiers: anger. Unlike the tea party rallies, though, “occupy” rallies frequently involve destruction of property and confrontation with police. It has been easy to find racists at tea party rallies, as the media has helpfully pointed out; the media doesn’t seem interested in all the racist ‘occupiers’. I wonder why that is.

  2. LA, there are so many levels of insanity here.

    We had Alec Baldwin out supporting the protesters, in between shooting spots for Capital One credit cards.

    Yoko Ono took time from capitalizing from John Lennon’s death to lend some support.

    Kanye West stopped by with his bling to support them.

  3. Rocket

    Let me chime in here and say if this gentleman would get of his lazy government subsidized ass and get a life for himself he would not have to look for a scapegoat to make up for his own ineptitude and laziness. But that is too much to ask for certain people in the population. That is why these type of comments don’t bother me too much because i look at the source of where they are coming from.

  4. Rocket

    “I just cannot understand how people can allow themselves to be blind to what us right in front of their noses.”

    I can understand it perfectly. There are two types of people in this world. the eternal victims where everything is someone elses fault and those who make something out of their lives against all adversity

  5. Rocket

    This is an interesting read


    Individuals making 30K/year moving into 200K homes and watching their values increase by 50% in 5 years. Then refinancing and buying a new car that the really can’t afford but the real estate market euphoria will continue…right. Then… let’s charge up the credit cards because I’ll always have my job and get yearly raises and anyway the value of my house will cover me and on and on. The need for instant gratification right. It’s all over the internet so I want in on it. The problem is that people get euphoric over money. Just as in Spain which was giving out 50 year loans at rock bottom interest rates, people believed this euphoria would last forever. They forgot two essential rules that you don’t have to be an economic genius to understand.

    1. A bubble will eventual burst
    2. Caveat Emptor – the buyer beware.

    So nobody saved for a rainy day. America in fact had a negative savings rate for most of the 90s until the bubble burst. Didn’t anybody learn any lessons from Japan in the 90s. In the US people spent more than they earned. What the hell, the housing prices are skyrocketing. It was instant gratification. Gotta have more than my neighbor because isn’t that the American way.

    Now as far as all of these OWS talking heads saying that the Euro crisis is the fault of Wall Street..The ECB (European central bank) was practically handing out money to the member states in the late 90s and early 2000s. Instead of creating goods and services these states cushioned the social safety net even more. Basically people worked less and earned more. In France with the 35 hour work week now, people have a whopping 8 weeks vacation per year and some even more. retirement was recently raised in France from 60 to 62 years. A drop in the bucket. In Germany the retirement age is 67 now. Greece is even more of a disaster. The only country that tackled the problem was Germany and look at the positive trade balance they have. As a European member however they have to finance the lions share of the bailout programs for the PIIGS. (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain). It puts others to shame. But then the Germans are a disciplined people for better or for worse and the Latins are a mess. Ireland is repaying their debt which is not surprising given the culture of the people. When I was in Ireland people would tell beggars on the streets to get a job. In France they people befriend the beggars and find fault in the system. Greece never will recover. And now they are talking loan haircut. @ 50%. The French banks who are heavily implicated in the Greek debt will soon be waking up with a bigger headache than they already have and will need more refinancing. Is this the fault of the US? Only if you are blind. Having just returned from a week in Spain I have seen the ravages. Housing prices 50% of what they were in 2008. 1000 square feet in Valencia now goes for under 80K€ in some places. It was double that in 2007. 25% unemployment because before everyone was a real estate agent. All you needed was a cell phone and a motor scooter. Housing projects started but not finished. Empty shells of building with cranes still present because the builders have all gone bust. Streets paved, electricity in and streetlights in and parcels of land simply empty. Nothing on them. But the Spanish wanted to create a big sunny playground with rising real estate based on dirt cheap loans. A bubble we call it. The the pound sterling went bust against the euro and a lot of Brits had to get rid of their sunny paradise and move back to England and look for a real job. Selling at a loss and just turning in their keys.

    If someone offers more than fair value and then more and more and more, you take it. This is not capitalism.. this is human nature. The error is to think that it will continue indefinitely. This is irresponsibility. It’s time to see the bigger picture rather than have these OWS talking heads explaining to us how the world works.

    • //It’s time to see the bigger picture rather than have these OWS talking heads explaining to us how the world works.//

      But isn’t this true of most kids this age? I wish I had a dime for every time a 20-something year old told me I do not understand. Better yet, when a kid this age who has made a complete mess of his/her life by making poor choices blames his/her parents for their bad decisions. Most of us in our generation had the decency to wait until we were in our 30s before we did some of the stuff they do, yet they think they can handle it because they get an education we pay for and suddenly they are authorities on life.

  6. Maybe his theater class gave him extra credit to attend the protest, and even more if he got arrested.

    • That guy who was haranguing the older man is a street bum who lives on the streets and is likely benefiting from the rest of the pukes being around. Do a search on You Tube for the Lotion Man and he will come up.

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