The OWS Delusion

As hypocrisy goes, we can always expect politicians to engage in such things as a means of political survival. Take Barack Obama, for instance. He likes to have things both ways. He likes to rake in Wall Street cash and at the same time give shout-outs to the OWS snerts who want Wall Streeters to be punished beyond measure. Meanwhile, he rakes in contributions from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Time Warner, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., General Electric, and a host of other big time corporations.

Mitt Romney is raking in a lot of cash from Wall Street too. Take a look at his contributors list and you’ll find it reads as a “who’s who” of international banking, also.

So why do we have Obama getting a pass from the OWS crowd and Romney isn’t? OWS is owned and operated by big business, who also supports Obama’s presidency. They need Obama in office because they make their money when currency fails. All of this borrowing, spending, and “investment” is going to dummy companies with investors who are large Obama contributors (like Solyndra) and unions that enrich themselves on the backs of working people. Here is the latest example of money funneling by this administration, here we have the Energy Department giving a loan to a car company in Finland to build electric cars. Like Solyndra, the people behind it are huge Obama bundlers and no one is able to hold anyone accountable as to why we are borrowing money from China to loan to others who are in Obama’s favor. Why not just make these people go straight to China and let China own them?

Soros Fund Management is one financier of the OWS movement and one of Obama’s puppetmasters. George is the head, but he has made damned sure he has insulated himself from all of it. The man who crashed the British pound back in the 90s to enrich himself has donated millions to the Center for American Progress, Move On.Org, and other leftist political action committees. He mostly does this through his grant making organization called the Open Society Institute. In essence, it is a money laundering organization under the guise of a philanthropic association.

Another man who is doing much the same is a man called Drummond Pike. His money laundering group is called the Tides Foundation. They are also supporting the OWS protests. Pike and Soros are good friends and George does use the Tides Foundation to launder much of his money that goes to radical causes, like OWS. They all need mayhem in the markets, so they can capitalize on others’ misfortunes.

Both of these men are one-percenters and if we are to believe many of the OWS people in the streets today, they are stealing money from the people to enrich themselves. But, no one down at Zuccotti Park will take the time to research this kind of thing, because they want to believe they are acting as part of a noble cause. The money that is flowing into this movement is much more than the occasional sandwich that some of these people will get for their time and energy.

So, if your 401K is down, if you cannot find a job, thank guys like Pike and Soros. They need you to suffer, so they can prosper. They need America to go broke so the dollar can crash, and passing money out to all of Obama’s money sources is the way to this. It’s not just this generation of workers who are going to be on the hook for this, the next 3-4 will be scrounging and begging for food while Obama and his cronies will have all of the capital and the money. Your kids and grandkids will be paying taxes higher than anyone else has ever paid in the history of this nation, just so these bastards can enrich themselves.

So to all of you people who are sympathetic with OWS, take a moment and think about your president making sure he and his buddies get theirs before you ever have a chance to make your own way. Think about how they have distracted you into hating the job creators, the ones who would gladly hire you and give you an opportunity, if the government would stop demonizing them and changing the rules so they cannot operate efficiently. Think about it real good, with whatever brain cells you have left.

I have made my way. My career is sloping on the downside. I will be retiring about the time you should be peaking in your career. But neither of us will be able to do either, if the nation doesn’t get these crooks put of office before it’s too late.



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2 responses to “The OWS Delusion

  1. I have always said we need to follow the money. I understand the MSM not covering this but where is Fox? Or the Wall Street Journal? Why aren’t covering some of this?

    • Beck had to leave Fox because it must have been too much to handle. He covers stuff like this on GBTV. The forces behind this have many resources, enough to do some major damage to Fox. But if all of the media went after it, it would not be so easy for those forces to conquer.

      Aside from the fact, the media is complicit in causes like this and supports progressive ideas and Marxist principles, it makes a good story right down the street from where they work. Cost containment is a factor here, They do not have to send a reporter half a world away, put them up in hotels and buy them expensive meals. Just kick their asses out of their offices and make them take a taxi. Lunch is their own responsibility and they can sleep in their own beds.

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