March Of The Millionaire Hypocrites

In a moment of put up or shut up, we see who really believes what they are telling the American people. Take a look at this video from The Daily Caller.

It is my firm belief that all of these bastards are liars. They had a chance to pop a few thousand dollars toward the deficit and did not do it. This tells me that it is not about paying down any debt, it’s just a PR move for these people so their man Obama won;t look like the fool he is. They want all rich people to pay their fair share, but not them.

Mark my words. Adding more taxes to millionaires will not realize any increase in revenue. They will just find another loophole to shelter their money and find more deductions. As always, it will then become necessary to tax the middle class–who have lost all of their deductions throughout the years.



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2 responses to “March Of The Millionaire Hypocrites

  1. I would bet my next paycheck every one of these tools have a team of accountants to help them reduce their tax burden.

    If they are serious, then pay up – or shut up.

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