Occupy Inc. Vs TEA Party – It’s Not The Same

During the time the TEA Party was getting attention in the media, the MSM covering the events were quick to assume the low number of blacks at rallies meant the movement was racist. Union thugs who were appalled that someone would dare to advocate individual rights, lower government spending, and free market capitalism were infiltrating the rallies dressed and acting like white supremacists. Naturally, the media loved to show a lot of videos of what they believed to be examples of racism, but they never showed this one because it demonstrated how the man was being asked to leave.

We also witnessed Black Caucus members deliberately walking through rallies so they could make claims that racial epithets were being hurled at them. The media ran with that as the gospel truth. And despite the fact we live in the digital age where everyone had the ability to video tape with their cell phones, no one could produce the tape. It certainly cannot be heard on this one.

Enter Occupy Inc., which the MSM has made countless efforts to compare with the TEA Party from day one. From the moment we all became acquainted with the Occupiers, the left-leaning media has wanted mainstream America to see a correlation—largely based on dissatisfaction, disenchantment, and a spirit of restlessness in and of the participants. But when someone notices that there is a lack of participation by Black America, we get a different explanation. I enter into evidence this WaPo article as my evidence.

Now, I know that there are many black people who do identify with the movement, supporting the politics of anarchy and mob rule. Van Jones is one such black man and was highly instrumental in getting this movement going. But that is because he is a communist and erroneously believes that the same tactics used by the Bolsheviks in Tsarist Russia can work here too. He doesn’t understand the differences from Imperial Russia and modern day America, or he wouldn’t waste his time.

The point is, the media looked at the low black participation and had no evidence that the TEA Party movement and spent an enormous amount of time and energy trying to paint it as rooted in racism because the President is black. Never once did they consider that policy might be the root cause of the disenchantment expressed by rank and file TEA Partiers. When confronted with the occasional knucklehead jerk who did come out to display a racist attitude, they never mentioned the ostracism the occasional idiot would face. They never once excepted the fact that it an isolated incident.

So when we point out that anti-Semitism has been captured at the Occupy rallies, somehow it’s different. When we see the knucklehead who calls out Jews for controlling banks and other neo-Nazi rhetoric, we hear that this is an isolated incident. And what we do not see is anyone from Occupy ostracizing the anti-Semitist for his racist comments. Another example can be found here. It turns out the woman was fired by the LAUSD for her comments, but only because she was not protected by the powerful teacher’s union.

I guess in their circle, anti-Semitism is not the same as racism against blacks. I guess that they think going to ovens and gas chambers is nowhere near the magnitude of 16% unemployment in the black community. How silly of us to even think such a thing.



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5 responses to “Occupy Inc. Vs TEA Party – It’s Not The Same

  1. Don’t worry LA, MSNBC will be all over the racist OWS rallies…

  2. McCloud

    Don’t forget, it was a black man holding the AK47 at the Tea Party, where MSNBC and CNN cropped out his head so as not to confuse their viewers.

  3. McCloud

    Have not seen that one on the networks, LA. I know, I know.

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