Another Blast From The Past

Here’s a classic tune from the early 70s, with a bit more instrumentation than you might remember in the original:




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2 responses to “Another Blast From The Past

  1. Z

    Isn’t that FABULOUS! I’m so glad I stopped by today…….I don’t comment as much as I did in the past and am sorry I don’t come here as often as I’d like.
    Do you know the story behind the lyrics? The Mothers of Invention lost all their instruments and I think a casino complex to a big fire and the fire drifted over the lake at Montreaux …………..amazing.
    Thanks for this…I can’t imagine the thrill of being in that audience (well, I’d prefer to be one of the girls on stage, of course!) singing along with Deep Purple? HOLY COW (I mean SMOKE)

  2. I read about the story many years ago, probably in a Rolling Stone article. Always has been one of my very favorites by them… First the “Machine Head” version, then the live on from “Made In Japan”.

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