A Look At Meghan McCain’s Clueless Comments On Callista Gingrich

Nothing like a Senator’s daughter’s opinion to validate something.

Little Meghan McCain’s only life accomplishment was being born to John and Cindy McCain. Unless I am missing something, she has done nothing for her country or planet. She hasn’t donned a uniform and defended anything. She hasn’t provided any worthy humanitarian service to anyone, nor has she produced anything that makes this world a better place. To the best of my knowledge, she hasn’t saved a life nor has she fed a hungry mouth….except maybe her own.

So why does anyone value what she has to say, in the grand scheme of things? Because while she maintains the label of a Republican, she trashes conservatives. She only has a bachelors degree in art history from the famous left wing Columbia University. So it kind of makes her expert opinion on politics as worthless as a modern art masterpiece.

Let’s take her recent trashing of Callista Gingrich, for instance. Here is what she said about Mrs. Gingrich on MSLSD’s “Now With Alex Wagner”:

“[S]he was a third wife and a mistress and is coming off somewhat icy and [her] reputation of being somewhat controversial within their campaign is doing damage. Maybe just to politicos, but I think it’s something that people, and especially values voters, will bring into the race.”

Maybe someone should remind Meg that her daddy slept around a lot in his lifetime too. In fact, Cindy McCain was Johnny’s little mistress while he was still married and that didn’t stop the GOP from nominating HIM.

Meghan McCain is just another irrelevant voice in the wilderness, who gets star coverage only because she says the things that the MSM wants to hear. Laura Ingraham once called her a valley girl, which effectively insulted the integrity of all of the fine, upstanding valley girls everywhere.

Her inept commentaries are beginning to take their toll on this little vacuous tart. The more she speaks the more clueless everyone finds out she is. One can get more inspiration and understanding from staring at a box of rocks, than anything Meghan McCain has to say.



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4 responses to “A Look At Meghan McCain’s Clueless Comments On Callista Gingrich

  1. Kate

    People who live in glass houses…..

  2. McCloud

    “Vacuous tart”. lol. Yeah, she’s a hit on the left as long as she keeps hating on the GOP. Sorta like Ron Paul–the left loves to tolerate him because they know he divides and frustrates the GOP (and due to his anti-Bush foreign policy), but if he ever gets a sniff at the nomination he’ll be thrown under the bus at warp speed.

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