Public Potpourri

Here is a mix of things we are watching at this time:

The SOTU last week is still getting some attention, but not for anything new or unusual. Seems it was full of the same tired rhetoric we have become accustomed to in this administration and my favorite op-ed writer in the world has put it into proper perspective.

Here is another example of how one religious group seeks to impose its will upon the those who do not shares its belief system. Instead of evangelizing through the power of persuasion, they seek to force government to force others to comply with their beliefs. Today it’s the dog issue, who knows what they will want to impose on European society tomorrow?

The Obama campaign just released some names of their bundlers. One name you will note on the $500,000+ list is none other than Jon Corzine of Hoboken, New Jersey. One cannot help but wonder if that money was some of the now famous missing money that was likely embezzled for this very purpose.

I distinctly remembering the Left propagating the fallacy that an Obama presidency would usher in the post-racial era. Here in this interview/discussion, we see why this has not been possible.

Finally, we see that in this article at least a couple university presidents are a little apprehensive about Obama’s policy on tackling tuition costs and they are verbalizing it. I wonder if we should ask them who they voted for in 2008.



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4 responses to “Public Potpourri

  1. That’s it LA, I’m starting to rethink voting for Obama this year.

    Good collection. One could make a blog dedicated to listing things like this.

    As an aside, the commercial was worth a chuckle.

  2. I don’t see commercials. But when I have looked at the blog at work I have seen them. Not sure I like them putting in ads at their will.

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