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My blogroll is a mess. Some blogs I have linked there have quit publishing and should be retired. So by the time this is posted, you will likely note they will be and new ones that meet the strictest criteria will start to crop up, from time to time.

Every now and then, a new blog or website comes along that you simply must blogroll and tell others why it was worthy enough to be blogrolled, in the first place. Here is one I just stumbled onto that meets the criteria for a thumbs up…one that needs to be shared:

Marquette Warrior

This blog about Marquette University gives insights of the battles that conservatives and libertarians have to fight against an increasingly more progressive faculty (and the weak administrators who allow professors to shut down free speech, when it goes against what the Leftist academics think is appropriate). One of the worst things universities ever did was allow for a faculty senate and empower labor. (I say labor because, despite whether they like it or not, they are hired to work and this fits the functional definition of the term.)

One fine example of this kind of thing was discussed in this post.

From the account given, some student cried “sexual harassment” when another student refuted the first student’s rape statistics. Then, a little femi-nazi student tried to make into a sexual harassment issue.

She was probably trying to impress some pro-occupy Women’s Studies professor on campus. And from what I have seen and learned in my days, this is not out of the realm of possibility and certainly rates a high level of probability.

Don’t like something, just cry foul in some form or fashion and it will garner attention. It will be deemed racist, sexist, or xenophobic and the burden of proof will lie on an innocent party. In this case it sounds like someone who merely had the guts to debate a progressive and expose the fallacies they advanced as facts.

This is nothing new to most of us. I suspect we all have stories we can relate about this kind of thing, from our experiences.

So anyway, take a moment and check out this blog when you get a chance. And as always, thanks for reading.


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